Though extremely rewarding, the entrepreneurial journey has its own hardships and troubles, leaving the young start-up owner confused, uninspired and demotivated on certain occasion. From the idea generation to making the business plan and final execution, an entrepreneur goes through certain phases of difficulties. However, with string determination and will to succeed, reaching the goal is not impossible. A consistent and regular work flow, well researched plan and constant motivation is the key to success. 5 Motivational & Inspiring Quotes for Young Entrepreneurs to Help Them in Difficult Times.

During the course of starting and establishing the business, an entrepreneur needs continuous inspiration, guidance and a bit of recreational activities to keep the mind and body fresh. A good way to do so is by watching entertaining and motivating shows. Feeling Discouraged?Here Are 16 Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration.

Here is a list of web series entrepreneurs should watch for inspiration and ideas:


Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

TVF Pitchers


How I Made Millions

Shark Tank

The Profit

Silicon Valley



Dirty Money

The Apprentice

Watching some entertaining as well as insightful business-related shows helps the entrepreneur do with with the daily work stress and recharges her mind and body to undertake start-ups and successfully venture into real business world.