It is not easy to be an entrepreneur or businessman. No matter how much you work harder, there are going to be many challenges to be successful. At times, you can get demotivate. So it's a good idea to watch a movie. The movies based on real-life entrepreneurs help you learn from other people's mistakes.

Here we have created a list of top movies that are based on real-life stories of entrepreneurs. All these films have been inspired by true stories that will boost-up your dreams and motivate you.

  1. Jerry Maguire by Cameron Crowe
  2. The Pursuit of Happyness by Gabriele Muccino
  3. The Aviator by Martin Scorsese
  4. The Social Network by David Fincher
  5. The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese
  6. The Founder by John Lee Hancock
  7. War Dogs by Todd Phillips
  8. Guru by Mani Ratnam
  9. Jobs by Joshua Michael Stern
  10. Joy by David O Russell
  11. The Big Short by Adam McKay
  12. Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru by Joe Berlinger

Even if your business is not related to anything shown in these movies, you can still get a lot of motivation. The path towards success comes with lots of ups and downs. If you feel like quitting, give yourself a break and spend an evening watching movies.