Why do you want to own a business? We are sure that your answer lies in the freedom, innovation, and passion that entrepreneurship brings along. The entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem in India has just been getting bigger and stronger and now is the best time for all wantrepreneurs out there to fulfill their dreams. It is not necessary to own a big business to become an entrepreneur, there are tonnes of small scale business ideas that can introduce to the truest essence of entrepreneurship.

The government has also been stressing over the power of business and encouraging wantrepreneurs to start their own business benefiting from Startup India Scheme & Stand Up India Scheme. Let's get started with some small business ideas that will help establish as an entrepreneur without spending too much.

Blogging Is A Mind-Boggling Idea

Blogging is topping the chart when it comes to online business ideas, it is even popular when we talk about small scale businesses. All that you are required to do is create high-quality content consistently. You will be required to write an SEO friendly article which will really help you earn even better.  If blogging and writing have your heart, just find your niche and get started with it to earn as much as Rs 5,00,000 a month.

Serve Them With Your Excellent Courier Service

Courier service is not rocket science, you pick up a parcel from point A and you drop it at point B. To initiate the business, all you need to have is a vehicle(van) that you can rely on for transportation.  If done properly, this business can easily earn you somewhere around Rs25,000- Rs 30,000 a month.

Impart Wisdom and Become An Online Tutor

Do you love teaching? If yes, then this would be the best option for you to start your small tutoring business. All you need to have a great internet connection with even greater speed and an association with an online teaching platform to earn decent money. If you are good at what you do, you can earn up to Rs 60,000 a month. You can charge your student on an hourly basis or daily basis, it is all up to you.

Airbnb Is The New Rage

Do you have an amazing property lying empty? Worry not as this is one opportunity that you encash in the form of Airbnb. Just list your property on Airbnb and start making money out of the rent paid. The amount of money you earn totally depends on how well kept is that property and also the kind of services you provide. Some great Airbnb properties have been earning as much as Rs 1,00,000.

Never reject an idea based on how small it is, rather focus on how much profit could it make. Always remember small is just the beginning. If you manage to run a small business well you will not only get the experience of a business on a bigger level but also will get a chance to take that small business to new levels. Opportunities are everywhere, only if you have the eye to identify!