Mumbai, November 20: Starting a business is a paramount task, it is not just an idea that needs to click, but several other things should fall in place. You have been longing to start your own company since long, but the COVID-19 outbreak came as a roadblock. No doubt, starting your own business in the middle of the pandemic is extremely difficult, but it is surely not an impossible task.

We have listed a few important things which you should remember if you are planning to take a leap amid the pandemic.

  1. Study the Market: It is very important to study the market in order to find if there is a demand for your product. There are certain things which need to be considered, for e.g, if you are planning to launch a hi-end product, then keep the current market situation in mind, where there have been job losses, businesses being shut among others. So, if you feel there is no demand, then you can delay the plan for some more time.
  2. Have a strong online presence: Given the current scenario and more months to come, people will feel comfortable to shop online, rather than going out to a physical store and purchasing. The coronavirus outbreak has also changed the dynamics of business. So even if you are planning a store, make sure you are marketing well on social media channels and you have a good responsive website.
  3. Check your finances: In the current market situation, people are not splurging as they are hesitant to spend money. So expect longer than usual time for your business to kick start. Spend wisely and keep a tight budget in the initial few months.
  4. Hire a good team: Don't go overboard and hire too many people. Recruit the strength which you require. There will always be time to expand.

    We spoke about the challenges, but there are certain positives also on your way. For e.g, if you are planning to rent a shop or an office space, it will be a great time because the property rates have slashed. Also, since people are spending more time at home and with their family, it will also be easier to target them.

    Being an entrepreneur is the most satisfying job, as you can take your own decisions. So if all things are in place and you are confident of starting your own business, go ahead, and take the plunge.