Let`s do a simple activity! Think about the last time you experienced a “WOW” moment at a restaurant or a store where you were impressed. You probably would love to go there again and do more business there, share it with your friends, and business associates too.

Customer experience is a crucial aspect of any business and an important chapter in any online business courses for entrepreneurs. Customer service can make or break a business, especially if it is a startup. A new business that is trying to make a foundation in the market generally has a hard time gaining and retaining customers.

While an excellent customer experience can retain even the most dissatisfied customers, poor and unresponsive service can turn away many potential customers. It can also turn away even the most loyal shoppers, which can certainly affect your company`s bottom line.

Customers expect good service, but if you are an entrepreneur and trying to establish your roots in the market, you must give them exceptional service. Going above and beyond will not only leave your customers blown away but will also make them advocates for your products.

To create ‘wow’ moments, you will have to make customers feel like they are the most important people in your world. Here are four ways to deliver “WOW” moments for your customers:

1. Deliver what your Promised, without Exception

Dedication and sincerity go a long way in the business world. These characteristics are something that you cannot learn in any online business courses. Delivering what you say, you will do becomes easy when you are committed enough to build systems around “WOW” moments.

When your goal is to win your customers` hearts, you look for ways to go the extra mile every time. One can achieve this by facilitating communication between different departments. Another way to sweep your customer off is to offer them a gift or more support. Everyone person loves to be treated exceptionally and little things can create special WOW moments.

2. Take Accountability & Fix Problems

Customer satisfaction is indeed a guarantee card for your business's success. Nightmare customer service is not an alien concept in the marketplace. No customer service is mistake-proof, and let`s face it, it is practically impossible to not have any problems. We have all experienced it at some point in time.

So avoid over-promising and under-delivering, hire the right people, empower your team with training and give more importance to customer satisfaction than the customer policy.

If you know how to handle mistakes and problems that come in day-to-day business then you can earn the loyalty of your customers. Why anyone would give their money to a company that does not care?

3. Customer Feedback

Respect can never be bought or snatched, it has to be earned. To gain respect from your customers, you will have to earn it. No matter how small or large your team is, every team member must be on top of their game at all times to give customers a “WOW” experience. This also means accepting responsibility for your mistakes rather than denying it.

Customers prefer businesses that own up to their mistakes, are responsible, and take the necessary steps to correct them. And the best way to know where you are lacking is to take feedback from customers and learn from it.

Survey your customers regularly, and reward them for giving feedback. After all, they are taking out time to tell your points where you are doing excellent or you need improvement. Customers would love to help you improve if you value their time and opinion. To improve yourself, you can hire the best business coach who can help you to improve customer experience with his expertise.

Want to know how to improve your customer service? Watch this video:

4. Follow up & Follow through, Always!

Many startup businesses spend a lot of time, money and a great deal of effort chasing down new customers, only to lose them after the first or second transaction. Why? Only because they don`t follow up or follow through after their first sale.

It is very important to realize that if a customer doesn’t feel appreciated, he or she tends to go to your business competitor instead of making you their choice for repeat business.

Following up with your existing customers is the guarantee card to more business, which means more profit. When customers get a good experience with you, the probability of a repeat business increases.

Always give your customers more than what they expect. This will completely blow their brains off! Let them know you will bend backward to make their day better! After all, it`s all about the overall experience and the details that lie in between.

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