Summary: Wondering where to find a perfect business coach for your startup? Here is a list of the five best places where you can start. You are guaranteed to be surprised!

Are you looking for a business coach or a mentor? If you are a young entrepreneur and lack experience in running a business successfully, you should start looking for the right mentor. Working with the right mentor provides plenty of benefits. Not only will you receive guidance and support from an expert, but you will also be able to leverage your mentor`s network of contacts. This may help you in finding new investors, making new clients, and finding more business.

However, the real trouble is finding the right mentor which is quite difficult. Mentoring is a time-consuming process. And, not all experience business owners will invest their time and effort to help budding entrepreneurs.

So where you can find a business mentor who is willing to invest his time and provide guidance to you? Here are some of the places to start:

1. Online Mentorship Community

Though there are multiple social media platforms, none of them are dedicated to only entrepreneurs where they can find the right business coach or connect with potential mentors. Bada Business Community App is an example. With usually little or no cost, you'll be able to sign up, find prospective mentors in your area of expertise, chat with them and potentially meet in person to begin an extended partnership.

2. Professional Networking Events

Before hiring a business coach, always communicate with them. To initiate a conversation with prospective mentors, you can attend more networking events. Business leaders are always looking for prospective clients, employees, or partners for the future. At such events, you can meet many different areas and expand your network.

3. Fitness Classes & Groups

Business leaders often like to stay healthy and fit. This is why you will frequently find them in fitness classes and other related groups. You too can join Yoga or meditation classes. From there, you can participate regularly and improve your networking along with making your networking strong.

4. Industry Events

If you are looking for a mentor related to a particular field, there is no better place to go than business events. These events include webinars, seminars, conferences, tradeshows, and informal meet-ups. For instance, a few months back Dr. Vivek Bindra organized an event that aimed to enhance leadership skills.

The event was attended by many senior management leaders and successful billionaires. This event presented many opportunities for young entrepreneurs to connect with seasoned leaders.

5. Social Media

You can find mentors by searching for them on social media -- especially through publicly available platforms like Twitter or professional-centric platforms like LinkedIn and BB community. With keyword searches, you'll be able to find mentors that match your criteria, and by monitoring followers and engagement levels, you can determine a person's reputation and willingness to talk with others.

Never lead with an outright request. Get to know your hoped-for mentor first; and, if you can, offer something of value to begin the relationship.

So, now that you know exactly where you can find a mentor, you may wonder whether it`s necessary to have a mentor in the first place. After all, so many people have become successful without a formal mentorship. But truth to be told, everybody has somebody to learn from. Hence, finding a best business coach can be beneficial for your professional as well as personal growth.

The idea of managing a business is easier said than done and we completely agree with you. This is why to help you move forward with your business goals, we at Bada Business offer an exclusive Business Coaching Program that comes with Foundation courses, specialized courses, and value-added courses.