Warren Buffett didn’t become a billionaire by just a sheer fluke. But by making smart and informed investment decisions to play a long game and by acquiring a vast amount of knowledge Warren Buffett has become what he is in the present day.

Today, not many people want to spend their time reading due to many reasons. But Buffett reportedly spends around six hours a day reading books. Though it may be a daunting task for many people due to their hectic lifestyle, if you are highly inspired by The Oracle of Omaha, you must read around “500 pages” every day.

Warren Buffett spends 80% of his time reading. He has read a lot of books over the years and has made book recommendations along the way. However, just like everyone he too has some of his favorites of all time and would love everyone to read, especially entrepreneurs who are starting a small startup business.

Here is a list of five books that every aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur, and wantrepreneur must read:

1. The Intelligent Investor- By Benjamin Graham

At the age of 19, Warren Buffett first read this book in 1950. He points out that it is by far the best book about investment that includes a proper intellectual framework for decision making. He has also added a preface to the book`s fourth edition.

The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham teaches its readers some of the most invaluable investment strategies regarding value investing in the stock market.

So what is his favorite way to accumulate knowledge? Reading. Watch the amazing journey of Warren Buffett here:

2. Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales From the World of Wall Street- By John Brooks

First published in 1969, this book is an interesting compilation of Brook`s New Yorker stories. It takes its readers on a journey where it recounts events such as Ford`s introduction of the Edsel, and the rapid rise of Xerox in the days before Steve Jobs disrupted the market with his revolutionary ideas.

When Bill Gates asked Warren Buffett about his favorite book 19 years ago, Buffett gifted Gates with his copy of the same book. Though the business world has changed a lot, Gates says, “Brooks's deeper insights about business are just as relevant today as they were back then."

3. Security Analysis- By Benjamin Graham & David L. Dodd

While studying at Columbia University, Buffett read Security Analysis with both its authors. “Together, the book and the men changed my life”, he wrote. Since then he has been following their investment strategy, and it continues to serve him well to date.

4. One Thousand Ways to Make $1,000- By F.C. Minaker

If you can get past the dated language, Buffett credits One Thousand Ways to Make $1000 to kick-start his career. The book was written in 1936, and Buffett found this book in the school library at the age of 7 years. The lessons embedded in this book have stood the test of time and remain as valuable as they were back in 1936.

5. The Most Important Thing- By Howard Marks`s

Warren Buffett has always been an advocate for taking risks. But he firmly believes that there should be a methodology behind it. To help develop that methodology, he recommends “The Most Important Thing”, by Howard Marks. Marks, co-founder, and chairman of Oaktree Capital Management is a renowned investor known for his insightful assessment of market opportunity and risk.

If you want to understand the dynamics of investment and business, these books are recommended by Warren Buffett and every entrepreneur must read them.

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