Summary: Testimonials are the best way to build trust among customers. But many entrepreneurs shy away from asking their customers to give feedback. Discover five ultimate ways to collect testimonials.

Everyone loves compliments. It is a gift that nobody in this entire world gets tired to receive. Not only they are free, but they are also valuable. It keeps on giving emotionally, mentally, and professionally too! Yes, you heard that right.

Quote someone as saying that your service or product was incomparable to the line of choices available in the market, or you helped them double their income and scale their business and your chances of getting more customers for your business increase.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Bright Local, “92% of customers say that they read online reviews before purchasing a particular product.”

Many entrepreneurs often ask the best business coaches about the right way of asking their customers for testimonials because they feel so nervous that they avoid it altogether. Most often a great testimonial can help you get a lead or convert a potential customer into a loyal one.

So, if you are looking for not-so-expensive ways to promote your brand and increase its credibility, here are five ways in which you can collect a reservoir of testimonials starting today:

1. Check Your Facebook Reviews

If you are a startup, it means you must be having a business page on Facebook too! And Facebook is the first place where you should look for the reviews that your customers have given you. Facebook testimonials can be quite detailed and can highlight what your business does in an ideal way.  So, if the comment section is vacant, it is time to ask your customers for their testimonials.

Talk about what you do everywhere. Get into conversations with people and offer them solutions for their problems. You might have to step out of your comfort zone to ask for a testimonial after offering your product or stellar advice.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Would you recommend us to your friends and family? Did our products satisfy you?

If you want great testimonials then you have to ask creative questions. Questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no must be avoided at any cost. Instead, ask questions that require a bit of engaging explanation. For instance, you can ask your customers what are some reasons you would like to recommend us to your friends and family? Or How our products have changed your life?

The best business coach in India Dr. Vivek Bindra suggests that a customer wants a product that has a relative story attached to it. And while asking for a testimonial you should encourage them to share their journey.

3. Stay in Touch Throughout the Process

Most often startups send a feedback form to their clients at the end of their journey and try to pull testimonials out of them. But Dr. Vivek Bindra recommends staying in touch with your customers through their journey with you. Keep asking them what is working for them and what is not.

When you stay connected with them, you can have testimonials that show their experience at each stage of the process.  If you will wait until after you have finished serving them, they may not be able to remember the details accurately. So, it is important to capture the correct information at every stage.

4. Pull from Various Formats

Gone are the days, when the only way to get testimonials from your client was by sending them a feedback form. Today, thanks to so many platforms you can get creative while asking and showcasing your testimonials.

If a customer sends you a message on Instagram, take a screenshot and share it. Got an email from a client gushing about how his or her sales grew into a double? Save it. Just be clear with your clients that how important it is for you to know their experience and always tell them that you would like to share it. Always give them the option of excluding their name.

5. Never Stop at Just Three or Four

Would you love to see hundreds of testimonials from happy customers or would you rather see just a handful? Numbers are important. It shows that the products have been used by various customers and not just a few. This helps to build credibility, even if you don’t have long and elaborated testimonials.

Testimonials are pure love from your customers that also stand witness to the goodness that you offer through your products and services. The more the merrier. So, use the above ways that will help you to get testimonials from your clients.

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