Being a leader is not an easy task as they are the one who shape our nation, community and organisation. We need good leaders to help us guide and keep things moving. Our society is pretty quick to find a bad leader, but do we know what makes a good leader? Here are five habits that billionaires, high profile investors and startup founders have in common.

They Read

The one thing that successful people do more than anyone else is that they read. They consume books with an incredible appetite. If you don't have a habit to read books, you can make it now. Try to staple it to your routine before going to bed or in the morning.

Set Big, Clear Goals

Every watched "The Wolf of Wall Street"? In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio was a middle-class man with a big and clear goal. It may be basic, but you will always be lifted by the goals you set.

Work-Life Balance

Successful people realise the importance of work-life balance. They are willing to take breaks from their stressed schedule and aren't afraid to go on vacations with family. They also prioritise healthy habits like sleep, balanced diet and exercise. This helps them to stay more stable, both emotionally and mentally.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or EQ refers to the capacity to handle internal and external emotions. High EQ helps one to recognise their own emotions and keep them under control. It also helps to recognise the emotions of others and responds in a healthier manner. People with high EQ have better relationships with their team members.

Time Management

Successful leaders are good at time management. They divide their time according to the importance of the activity. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are obsessed with time management. He ensures to devote a balanced amount of time to both his businesses- SpaceX and Tesla.