Though the Covid-19 pandemic had brought the world to a shutdown, it has also changed the way this world consumes energy. Carbon dioxide emissions fell by 5.8% globally. This is the largest drop in CO2 emissions since World War II. The primary energy demand too was decreased by 4% over the last year.

So, if you want to start an eco-friendly startup business, there are so many opportunities in India to become an entrepreneur. There are multiple low-investment startup business ideas that you can choose from.

But before we even begin telling about the money-making business ideas, let us tell you what eco-friendly business is.

An eco-friendly business uses sustainable materials to make environmentally friendly products. It aims to utilize natural resources in a way that does not harm nature. This approach helps the business and environment to grow simultaneously.

Here are 5 eco-friendly business ideas that can you can start with minimum investment:

1. Organic Store Business

From organic farming to organic soaps and shampoos, people are more inclined towards everything natural. If you want to start a business that is profitable for both you and the environment you can start from eatables, personal care products that are made from natural raw material and free from preservatives.

You can also attend workshops where a session could cost you anywhere between INR 1200-5000. With few initial investments such as buying mixers, blenders, molds, pigments, and essential oils can cost you around INR 8000. There is a huge demand for organic products that can give your low-investment startup business a kick-start.

2. Retailing Recycled Items

Though India is a major scrap importer of scrap metal like aluminum and brass, people have a stiff mindset when it comes to recycled items. Despite this, there is a huge scrap market that is thriving. From needles to clothes, upholsteries to shoes and electronic products, everything that we use can be recycled.

Not only recycled items business can be started with minimum investment, but it will also allow you to create employment for many people and train them as per your business requirements.

3. Eco-friendly Jute Bags

‘Say No to Plastic Bags’ is something we have been hearing for a decade. But the plastic waste has now engulfed the entire world and its hazards are making an appearance everywhere. From ocean to forests, food to intestines, surprisingly, plastic has found a sneaky way to enter into our lives.

You can start making jute bags that offer more durability, and reduce the carbon footprint that is created by the ever-so-durable plastic bags. As more and more people are interested in eco-friendly products, they will be more than happy to welcome this change. You can start making jute bags from jute twine or you can also use different raw materials like bagasse, coconut husk, and recycled paper.

4. Eco-friendly Furniture

Nowadays, you must have noticed that your Facebook and Instagram feed is full of beautiful and warm home décor ideas. Old and discarded furniture can be reused and refurbished into pieces that are aesthetically and functionally brilliant. This segment has lots of potential in the domestic as well as in the export market. All you need is a work table and some equipment to kick-start your low-investment startup business. As your business increases you can also hire an experienced carpenter to help you fulfilling orders.

5. Composting Industry Business

If you want to start a business with practically no capital investment, composting business is the real deal. The kitchen waste in your house is a gold mine that can generate compost which can be made for free in your backyard. You can invest in the installation of composting beds that might cost you around INR 3000.

A business that takes care not only of its revenue but also of the environment sustains for a longer time in the market. The customers become more loyal because of the ideology behind the business and with time the revenues will also grow. You can start the above-mentioned low-investment business idea or if you have an idea of your own, you can also start it.

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