Summary: You can`t build great wealth without a strong foundation. Period.

No matter which university you attend and how qualified you are; it alone is not enough to strike success. You can go to the world`s best university and enroll in numerous professional courses, but nothing can beat the experience and knowledge that you gain from those who have been in the industry and riding the waves.

From Dhirubhai Ambani to Gautam Adani, Steve Jobs to Bill Gates many successful millionaires and billionaires have not attended formal schooling. But that does not mean that you should discontinue your education. Take quality education, but also learn from the experts. Enroll yourself in webinars where top industry leaders are sharing their knowledge, experience, and lessons that you might never learn anywhere else.

For such an experience, you can download Bada Business Community App where you can attend a free Masterclass with Billionaires.

One of the major goals behind this unique idea of Dr. Vivek Bindra is to prepare today`s generation for entrepreneurship. Hence, it is crucial for everyone who wants to start their own business to learn from instructors who have practical, real-world experience within a particular field.

Here are some of the major benefits of learning from professors with industry experience:

1. They Can Help You Understand Industries Better

The business world is vast and there are lots of aspects associated with a startup that needs to be understood to grow and scale. There could be dozens of subtopics, theories, and other relevant points that these billionaire professors can impart in their Masterclass with true practicality.

They can help you to ignore the least important and focus on the information that is the most practical and relevant pieces of the pie. They can also help you understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and many other real-world challenges of the business.

2. They Understand Key Skills for a Certain Industry

A successful billionaire from a specific industry knows the nitty-gritty of a business and one can learn specific skills needed for success. These professors have accumulated years of experience and can teach entrepreneurs, students, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs to start their businesses and then flourish in that role with their entrepreneurial skills.

Although many organizations provide training to their employees through the best corporate trainers, learning from the top industry experts means bringing a toolbox of skills to daily hustle when managing a startup business.

3. They Have Their Finger on the pulse of the industry

Professors with a specific industry can share the current or recent pulse on a particular industry. For instance, a specialist who is working in a stockbroking firm can share his or her experience with you about what it is like to work in that particular area. What are the factors one should consider while investing their money or what challenges you can expect if you want to make your career in that particular area?

This entire experience might also include how to make clients or what are the upcoming trends you might get to see in that particular field. This first-hand experience is priceless and one can only get this in our Free Masterclass of Billionaire Professors.

4. They can teach about potential challenges & solutions

Our top industry experts have been exposed to a variety of situations and challenges in their relative fields. This helps them to bring that experience and professional expertise to the table. They can communicate these experiences and how they dealt with them in the past, what did they learn, and how you can improvise on them.

For instance, if you want to start your dream venture with minimum investment, you can learn from these experts how to handle clients, build your network, and do marketing of your products and service with zero to a minimum investment. You may read about various strategies in a book, but there is a huge difference between a theory and practical experiences. It can be tough to find this type of firsthand knowledge in a textbook. So why not download the BB Community App now to get a unique first-hand experience?

5. They can help you with professional networking

There is a good chance that after learning from these billionaire professors you will be able to connect with professional connections to a particular field. Why? Because on BB Community App you can find thousands of business professionals who are sharing ideas and working towards a common goal—build their startup.

You can interact with professionals with years of experience or you can bond with young minds that are full of innovative ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. No matter what your goal is, you can fulfill them at BB Community App, which is not just an app for sharing pictures of your breakfast or linking with a common friend but to connecting with a world of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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