With more and more people becoming health conscious, honey seems to have replaced sugar in most Indian households, restaurants, and cafes. And just like Winnie-the-Pooh, the Indian entrepreneurs are excited at the mere mention of its name and willing to dip a finger into the sweet honey business idea.

When Kolkata-based Aayush Sarda came with a startup ‘Sweetness of Ethics’ to aid the victims of cyclone Amphan to the source, package, and market the pure honey, no one expected its success. His enterprise is now selling 1,200 bottles every month.

The apiculture or honey bee farming business in India is a growing trend. It can either be done as a standalone commercial honey bee farm or can be easily integrated with crops to increase the yield to make some additional profits from the honey business.

If you are a beginner and have a desire to start your own business, honey bee farming can be a brilliant idea.  Here are some of the best tips that will help you to start your business:

  1. Start Early in the Season

Starting a honey business in India will bring profits only when it is started at the right time. To get the full nectar from the flowers, a beekeeper should begin his venture early in the season. Though apiculture can be started in any season, as honey bees are fond of warm weather, the spring season is ideal for honey business in India.

  1. Get your List Ready

Beekeeping requires a lot of things, so it is important to prepare a list. From Beekeeping equipment to Honeybee varieties, make a list of all the things that you might require to have a hassle-free process.

  1. Pick high-yielding Bees

Anyone who is thinking of starting a honey business wants good honey yield. It is always a great idea to research well on the type of bees and which one you should pick. For beginners, it is good to pick Apis Dorsata or the Apis Indica-the Indian Bee. These are the most common Honey Bee species in India and hence, perfect to start the honey business.

  1. Begin with Nucleus Colony

It is common to be a little unsure when starting a new business. Hence, it is better to start with a Nucleus Colony. Starting with a Nucleus Colony will provide a clearer picture about beekeeping and a better understanding of bees.

  1. Pay a visit to Bee Hives Every 7-10 Days

Beekeeping is different from regular farming. There are different issues that you will have to deal with. Issues like lack of flowers, pollution, crops, and radiation are killing bees. Hence, you must pay a visit once, every 6-7 days to keep tabs.

Beginners should keep things simple in the early stages. Do not expect a high yield of honey in the first year. Learning is a process! Continue practicing and acquiring knowledge based on your first attempt and apply it the second time.

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