Mumbai, November 17: Starting a business can be a daunting task and more so amid the coronavirus outbreak. There are several things which one needs to take care of, from the right idea to proper marketing, everything needs to fall in place for a business to take off.

The process of starting a business is always filled with challenges. Therefore, it is very important that you should be prepared before you take the final leap. The success of a business is never guaranteed, but there are few changes which you can do to reduce the risks and improve the chances of your business in being successful.

We have curated a list of 5 steps which you need to take before you get your business off the ground:

1. Think of a unique and a great idea: Think of a unique idea for your business and ask yourself how will my product be different from thousands of products which have already cluttered the market. Try to offer the customers something which they haven't experienced before. Also, the product should solve the customer's problem and then only will they be able to relate with your product.

2. Define your business: This is another critical step. Before you start a business, it is very important to understand how much time (and money) you're willing to devote to your new venture. Also, a few other questions which you need to answer is that will you have a brick and mortar store or only have an online presence.

3. Study the market & competition: Do extensive study before launching a product in the market. Try to understand if there is a demand for your product. Never underestimate your competition. Always learn from their strength and also be aware of their weakness and understand the space where your product will be able to enter.

4. Check your finances: It is very important to track your finances from the get-go. Spend wisely and only on things that are required. Every business takes time to start off. The initial few days to a year might be full of struggles, so save your finances for tough times ahead. Keep an eye on your finances, so that midway, you don't have to wind up your business and exit the market.

5. Keep Your Plan B Ready: Always keep a plan B ready before you start your business. One can never predict the challenges which can crop up and pose a hurdle in the path of growth. For e.g. no one could predict that coronavirus could get the world to a grinding halt. Several businesses shut due to the lockdown and thousands were left jobless. However, the ones which had a plan B ready could sail through the crisis period.

We hope that these steps will come in handy when you are thinking to get the business off the ground.