Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just started his new journey or a small business owner your company and brand need to have a social media presence. Social media in today`s world is a powerful marketing tool. If utilized correctly, social media can take your business to new heights that would have taken you years to achieve in its absence.

Though there are multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, we today are going to talk particularly about LinkedIn for entrepreneurs. Since its birth, LinkedIn has been an effective networking tool that helps professionals and businesses alike to boost their professional network. From MNCs to Industrialists, successful entrepreneurs to the best business coaches in India, everyone is giving special attention to their LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn keeps evolving itself with many useful features that let businesses of all sizes and revenue post updates and share content. This helps startup businesses to build their company brand on social networking sites.

Entrepreneurs can simply ask their connections through LinkedIn to write a recommendation of your work that you can display on your profile. And, those who are looking for funding for their brilliant startup business ideas, can boost your chances of getting your business noticed by a potential investor.

If you are an entrepreneur struggling to find your voice on social media, nothing can be better than LinkedIn. Here are 5 incredibly useful tips for entrepreneurs to grow a successful business using LinkedIn:

1. Develop Action Plan

Before you straightaway march out towards your laptop to build a LinkedIn profile, you must have an action plan ready. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a great source of quality sales intelligence for small business owners. It can help you to raise your company`s visibility, secure clients, build and foster business relationships, and convert prospective clients into loyal customers.

Before coming out all shining on LinkedIn, spend time to make a list of people you see as your business prospects. Once, you do that, the next step is to create a highly personalized note for each person on your list and send them requests. The third step is when you are establishing a dialogue, avoid hard-selling, and instead focus on building a relationship.

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2. Share Professional Stories

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn is not a social networking platform that is only meant to share food shots, travel photographs, and personal experiences. Hence, the key tip for entrepreneurs is to approach it as a platform to tell professional stories.

Talk about your professional stories- the challenges you faced, the lessons learned, and the milestones that you have achieved in your entrepreneurial journey. This will go a long way to build deeper connections and grow business. If you have no idea where to begin, you can also take help from a business coach. An ideal coach will certainly help you in building network connections.

3. LinkedIn is not like Facebook

Many people confuse LinkedIn with Facebook. However, entrepreneurs need to understand that LinkedIn is completely different from Facebook. Hence, they should not use LinkedIn as a social media site.

Connect only with relevant people, particularly with those who will gain from knowing you. Try sending them an interactive newsletter and relevant content. Do not hesitate to add people who you don`t know. You can also connect with new clients.

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4. Do Background Check

With a lot of people present on LinkedIn and make the most out of it, the platform enables entrepreneurs to locate and associate with a wide variety of stakeholders like employees, employers, investors, and partners. Thanks to its versatility, the search cost of performing the background check on LinkedIn has almost been cut down to near zero. It also helps entrepreneurs to unleash their true selves with a new wave of productivity.

If used correctly, LinkedIn can do wonders for you and your business. Entrepreneurs must leverage the platform by using its features to their utmost usage. Many businesses and brands have realized its potential. It`s time for you to unlock the power of LinkedIn for your business.

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