How do successful entrepreneurs rise to become exemplary of daily success and motivation in both their personal and professional lives even though they are often pressed with professional commitments?

How millionaires and billionaires often appear calm and composed when their profession demands to compete with their competitors, other companies, people, and sometimes even their own limiting beliefs?

Certainly, it`s a set of corporate etiquettes that makes them a class apart.

Often, people think of etiquette as the proper way of holding a fork, a knife, and a spoon, drink high-tea or greet a dignitary, but there is something that is invaluable and outweighs the formality of physical actions under any given circumstances- being human.

The etiquette of being human is an uncommon perspective, and the most underrated. In general terms, it is defined as the behavior of others that is customary or acceptable by society. However, in business terms, corporate etiquettes mean the daily protocol or how leaders are expected to behave, respond and perceive.

The importance of corporate etiquettes is such that it is considered to be the unseen foundation and an essential part of a business leader. It is composed of three core components- integrity, humility, and dignity. Every entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the business world is expected to possess these three fundamental traits.

These three foundational traits can turn any leader a magnet for all the good things in their personal and business life because leaders are not born. Everyone is born to become a leader.

There is no dearth of reliable and competent people in the business world, and manners always make a good impression. Everyone wants to work or collaborate with someone who has high standards of professional behavior.

So here is a list of six global business etiquettes that will ensure to make you a powerful and amicable business leader:

  1. Always Introduce others

It is not a rare event to meet random people in the business world. Therefore, always introduce people to each other whenever the opportunity arises, unless you have surety that they are already acquainted. This simple gesture makes people feel valued, irrespective of their position, status, or designation.

  1. A Handshake goes the long way

Simple, yet the most appreciated gesture that not only demonstrates that you are humble, confident, and approachable but also sets the tone for any potential professional alliance in the future. If the atmosphere is quite casual, then you might get away with a nod or a hello, otherwise, it is worth making the extra effort to offer your hand.

  1. Use “Please” and “Thank you”, always!

These simple words still hold lots of volumes and can leave an incredibly good impact on the recipient. And, though it should go without saying, using these words regardless of the nature of the atmosphere is the basic form of corporate etiquettes. Their usage is still imperative and can help you form fruitful professional relationships.

  1. Become a Good Listener

The human race is increasingly becoming “over-talkers”, especially in the business world. Most often we are so eager to press our point or offer our opinion that we interrupt others in mid-sentence. Though, it can be tongue-bitingly tough to restrain ourselves not to interject during a heated argument. However, it is better not to as it is a sign of disrespect and considered prudent for the opinion of others. Be assertive, not aggressive.

  1. Always put your phone on Silent

We are living in a world of instant food, instant messaging, and instant gratification. However, we all have forgotten the basic courtesy of giving attention to the person sitting in front of us. It is highly disruptive and undermining when people are texting, instant messaging, or emailing while a meeting is going on.

It not only acts as a distraction but also sends out a message to others that they are of least importance as compared to the text that you are sending.

Hence, putting your devices on silent during the meetings and meals is one of the most vital corporate etiquettes that can differentiate you from the crowd.

  1. Social Networking

In this world of online connectivity, social media platforms hold great power. We all come across brands` fiascos every other day that shows us indiscreet personal communications. Hence, one of the thumb rules or social networking etiquette is to not post anything on a social media site that you wouldn`t like to put up on the office bulletin board for anyone to read.

Even with privacy settings in place, your social media messages are never private. And, never use social media platforms to crib about bad bosses. It`s an absolute NO-NO!

Well, corporate etiquettes are imperative in today`s scenario. However, we should not forget that we all are humans. To be polite, humble, yet confident and assertive will take you far ahead.

It is also impossible for us to know about everything, every time. So, fret not! Whenever you are unsure about what you are supposed to do, simply sit back, wait, and observe. Notice how other people are handling the situation. Then follow their lead.

You can also take help from a business coach or a corporate trainer like Dr.Vivek Bindra to excel at the corporate etiquettes.

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