You must have heard the stories of many successful entrepreneurs who are just 6 years old or 12 years old and have started their own company or a YouTube channel and are driving growth with their amazing entrepreneurial spirit.

They know about "cause marketing," "buzz marketing," and "moment marketing." Their business model is apt, and the strategies that they employ can surprise even seasoned marketing professionals. There is one thing that plays a key role in shaping a child’s mindset is the "Art of Parenting."

Here is a list of six valuable entrepreneurial skills you can teach your children:

1. Help them see the greater possibilities

Entrepreneurs can look beyond what is obvious. They don't limit their vision to what they already know is possible. They look at the bigger picture with a skilled eye. They assess the impossible and analyse what cannot be achieved and then find solutions to make it possible.

In short, entrepreneurs are not limited by the status quo, and neither are their children. Teach your children to never settle for less than what they can imagine is possible. You can also use this parenting strategy in business to achieve your goals.

2. Build Resilience

While successful entrepreneurs feel they are living the dream, it does not come without its share of challenges. So, to prepare your kids for future challenges, set an example. Your children are more likely to develop a stress response based on how they see you responding to a stressful situation. They often learn from and imitate their parents as they witness how their parents navigate the stumbling blocks in life and business.

3. Teach Them How to Handle Feedback

From parents to colleagues and peers to friends, feedback comes in all forms and from different media, whether or not we seek it out. A smart entrepreneur should be able to filter out the relevant details from the irrelevant ones. If your kid is involved with you in your business, this is a perfect moment to teach reasoning and the value of a positive mindset and attitude.

4. Teach them to evaluate the risk

People often say that an entrepreneur’s biggest strength is taking risks, which is true only to some extent. No human in his or her state of mind would like to make decisions without evaluating them. Learning to weigh the pros and cons, developing a strategy, and understanding the financial and emotional risks associated with doing something new are valuable life skills and beneficial regardless of whether your child becomes an entrepreneur in the future.

5. Money Management

Money is an important factor that can contribute greatly to building a startup from scratch. Teach your kids to never throw away or waste money, even if the amount seems negligible. Ten rupees may seem like a very small amount, but if invested wisely, it can multiply exponentially.

6. Being adaptable

Humans need to be adaptable. Entrepreneurs often find themselves in difficult situations, in unfamiliar cultures, and dealing with total strangers. Give your children space and situations that are not in alignment with their comfort zones. It will make them uncomfortable at first, but it will pay off as they learn key adaptability skills.

The best way to instil any ability in someone is to start teaching them very early on. Entrepreneurial skills are no exception. If you want to learn the secrets and various tips to prepare your kids for a brighter future, join our Free webinar ‘Art of Parenting & Success Mantras’ by Dr Vivek Bindra on July 10th, 2022. The webinar is full of useful information and is free for all. So don't miss out on this opportunity!

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