You can`t operate a startup business without maintaining strong professional relationships with investors, clients, vendors, and potential customers. A company grows only by establishing meaningful connections with others.

Building strong business relationships starts with acknowledging and recognizing the importance of viewing everyone as a unique person with their desires, motives, and interests. Once, you have understood that the person in front of you is not only a medium to grow your business, but a human being too, you build relationships at a deeper level.

Here are 7 techniques that will help you to establish long-lasting business relationships that will drive sales and growth for your startup business:

1. Offer a Valuable Product & Service

Personal or professional, every relationship starts with an introduction, and sometimes for a business purpose. However, this is the hardest step. A client will approach you because of your extraordinary service or a valuable product that you have created to help them. So, it all depends on how you utilize your strengths.

2. Discover Ways to Provide Additional Value

If you have a startup business, you can begin with finding common ground and identify how you can add value with your time, connections, resources, or expertise to your clients or investors. This can give your relationship a personal touch.

3. Make Your Customer Service Excellent

Ask the best business corporate trainer in India and about the best strategy for growth and relationship building at zero cost and they will reply promptly- customer service. Customer service is that one aspect that can build the foundation of strong business relationships. Work on perfecting every interaction with your customers. Try to maintain transparency. Advertising is no longer as powerful as it was once perceived. A referral army who has used your products can do wonders for your startup business.

4. Make Mutual Success Your Mantra

When you think about others' success and not just your own, the relationship grows. Nobody wants to work with someone who only has their agenda on their mind. Strong relationships happen when we focus on mutual success and trust.

5. Focus on Relational Value more than Transactional Value

Avoid approaching your business relationship in a transactional nature. Cultivate your network and relationships each day. Meet them and greet them on special occasions. Talk to them to understand their needs, requirements, values, and what drives them. Always remember that it isn`t about you, but about them. They will always remember how you made them feel.

6. Treat Them like Friends & Family

People like to do business with people they like. Treat them like you would treat your family and friends. Take a genuine interest, be vulnerable, be yourself, and show personal interest in addition to the business value that you already offer.

7. Stay True to Your Business Values

Clear and consistent business values can help stakeholders, clients, customers, and even investors to stay in a harmonious alignment with you. Stay prepared for hiring, firing, and losing money for your values as it sends out a strong message about the brand promise and ensures a shared vision.

The shared vision and aligned values make the strong foundation of any startup business relationship with your employees, clients, customers, investors, and other peers.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who are creative and great at inventing things often don`t invest much time in building strong and long-lasting business relationships. Though it does take effort and focus, the talent to effectively build relationships can be learned, just like any other skill.

Use the above-mentioned 7 tips to create a strong business relationship with your potential clients, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

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