Samosa is an Indian tea-snack that is loved by people across the country and can be found in different flavors in various regions. India Exports samosas to 140+ countries and the snack itself build for a market worth 42 lakh crore rupees. While one might be surprised at why they are getting to read about the snack at a platform catering business knowledge, this article is about a duo in Bengaluru who sold 25 lac samosas to build their start-up.

Samosa Party, a start-up started by Amit Nanwani and Dikhsha Pandey in 2017 in Bengaluru with an aim to make samosas to be available at the click of a button, anywhere around India is about to complete its fourth year in a journey to onward and upward growth. The start-up serves samosas in 20 flavors, along with giving unique transformations to it with fusions such as Dahi samosa chat and samosa burger added to its menu.

Talking of Samosa’s Party operations behind having 78% repeated customers, the start-up is combining technology and flavors. They are filling the gap between demand and supply by bringing over 20 lakh samosa vendors across streets online. While Amit Nanwani handles product, technology, and growth, Diksha manages overseas operations, people, and customer experience. The start-up has 11 outlets across Bengaluru and plans to go to Dubai, Asia, and other western markets.

Samosa Party grew five times of its first year of operation. Aiming to be available within a 3-kilometer radius in every city, the start-up is funded by Inflection point ventures, which is its primary investor. The start-up continued to deliver 100% of pre-covid volumes during the corona lockdown period. Despite facing a slight downfall in sales in the month of March 2020, Samosa Party sold 5 lakh + samosas during the corona period.

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