Mumbai, September 26: The virtual event of Bada Business' 'Retail Ka Mahakumbh' is all set to begin virtually on Sunday, i.e. on September 27. This is touted as the world's largest webinar and will be held for a duration of 1.5 hours from 12 noon to 1.30 pm. Bada Business founder Dr Vivek Bindra will guide the event attendees on how to expand their business in the time of economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be broadcast live on Youtube. Interested entrepreneurs and budding professionals can watch the live session at Dr Vivek Bindra YouTube channel.

The event is free for anyone who is keen to gain knowledge that would be imparted by Dr Vivek Bindra during the live session of the virtual event -- 'Retail Ka Mahakumbh' on September 27. Dr Bindra is considered as one of the top motivational speakers of India and is an inspirational Pathfinder to various high-profile entrepreneurs. All those who are keen to attend the live session of 'Retail Ka Mahakumbh', can register at the official portal of Bada Business.

Here's the Live streaming link:

About Bada Business and Dr Bindra:

Dr Vivek Bindra is Asia’s No.1 motivational speaker and business coach. He is an international motivational speaker, leadership consultant and business coach. He has also been awarded honorary PhD degree. Dr Bindra founded Bada Business (BB) with the vision to empower Indian entrepreneurs & MSME businessmen and businesswomen with the knowledge, skills and network to grow their enterprise. BB offers a world-class education in Hindi language and offers in-depth problem solving for entrepreneurs with its problem-solving courses.