What could be more tempting than being the entrepreneur you always wanted to be and running the business in the comfort of your own home? Home-based businesses have not only helped professionals follow their passion and be their own boss, they have also served an even greater purpose - the purpose of making the women of India financially independent and stronger than ever!

With the help of this article, we are here to especially support the brilliant minds that have the passion, zeal, and zest to initiate a home-based start-up, but are faced with various inhibitions and constraints such as being a homemaker, inability to finance an office space, etc.


Personal Protective Equipment

Some samaritans started making these medical gear when our healthcare professionals, frontline warriors, and the common people were struggling with the shortage of masks and gloves amid the coronavirus pandemic. We eventually witnessed many people starting the business from home where they made the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provided them to the needy. This movement not only helped the nation cope with the shortage but also helped many small entrepreneurs establish themselves and become independent.


Online Seller

The list of home-based businesses would always look incomplete if it doesn't mention online business. Becoming an online seller on e-commerce platforms, such as eBay, has always been topping the list because of its viable nature. However, becoming an online seller requires you to stay on your toes always as customer satisfaction is what this business is all about. If you falter, the negative ratings start to pour in, tarnishing the image of your business. Nevertheless, if you are completely aware of the terms and conditions along with the refund policies, you will be successful despite the cut-throat competition in the market.


Digital Marketer

It wasn't long ago that businesses were not that familiar with the concept and importance of digital marketing. However, with time, this field of marketing has prospered and how! It is not considered wise if a business doesn’t prefer digital marketing to promote and grow in today’s day and age. This global pandemic has taught us the importance of going digital and it is only a matter of time before digital marketing dominates the entrepreneurial world. Considering the immense and great money, it would only be wise to opt for this idea as it could be executed while staying home.


Graphic Designer

Now that the businesses rely heavily on digital marketing, the demand for eye-catchy graphics has emerged as the need of the hour. Corporations are ready to pay generous money to graphic designers who have the potential to deliver some great quality content that could help them promote their brand over digital media. If you have the right talent and an eye for appealing visuals, you could make a business out of it. Added to that, it doesn’t take you more than a laptop to kickstart the process. What more could you ask for?


No matter what your objective is, there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you just want to focus on a business that brings you some good amount of money or just a business that supports your passion as well as helps you make decent money, you will be able to find something to do. There are n number of options available around you but figuring out the one for you becomes the actual challenge. However, if you have a clear vision and a goal to achieve, nothing will be able to stop you from reaching for the stars.