The year 2020 came with its own share of problems. And while we thought 2021 will bring some relief, it is needless to say that this year was nothing less than a nightmare. However, if there is one thing that we all must learn from living through pandemics and lockdowns, it is to understand that a lot can change in a year.

While many people lost their jobs, many others became entrepreneurs. In 2020 along, more than 15 startups joined the elite Unicorn Club.

The pandemic has turned the tables around. Many businesses also went downhill as the year progressed due to the lockdown restrictions and economic crisis. It forced the business world to come up with new solutions and startup plans for new business opportunities.

So even though we were stuck inside our homes, many businesses found a way to stay afloat with the ‘Hassle-Premium’ approach. The bigger hassle a product or a service resolve, the bigger premium a business receives.

With the recent events of 2021, many are not putting too much hope into the year ahead. However, contrary to the popular belief, if you have the passion and unique MSME startup business ideas, this could be a perfect year for starting your company.

If you do not have any ideas, worry not! You can discover 25 Business Ideas that you can start this year with low investment. You can also watch video on this:

We have hand-picked three brilliant covid-proof and recession-proof startup plans for a new business that you can start with low investment in 2021:

  1. Online Prasadam

Every adversity comes with an opportunity; all you need is an eye to spot it at the right time. India is a land of religious culture and tradition. With the lockdown imposed all across the country and the fear of the virus, many religious places in India are closed. People are unable to go to temples, let alone their pilgrim journey to Kedarnath or Badrinath.

However, this also offers a great opportunity to start a business of sending online prasadam. To start this business, you will need minimum manpower. You can set up a call center to offer customers the service of providing online prasadam.

As the customers cannot visit the holy places, they will be more than happy to make their offerings to God. You can charge these customers with a minimum amount and you can deliver them online prasadam after offering it to their respective deities. This will not only make them happy but also give them the inner strength to fight the uncertainties of the current situation.

  1. Office Furniture on Rent

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to embrace the concept of work-from-home. Apart from the essential and front-line workers, everyone is working remotely. However, not everyone has a working setup at their homes.

Most people spend half of their time on their beds with their laptops, while others have become a couch-potato. This new normal work routine has given rise to neck and back pain.

One can start a new business by providing office furniture for rent. Where the furniture in many companies is getting mounted with dust and dirt, many employees are looking for an affordable office-home set up. So why not use this opportunity to start up a new business plan?

You can take furniture from the companies on rent and can provide it on rent to those who are looking for a temporary makeshift office set-up right at their homes. Find creative solutions to modern problems, and nobody can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Provide Online Tools for Schools

In this new era of learning, technology plays a key role in the process of teaching. If you have a technological background, this can be a brilliant MSME startup ideas. Due to the pandemic, all the colleges and schools are closed. Many small schools cannot afford the expensive setup and technology for online classes. You can develop an online educational tool that connects teachers and students, among many other things.

Not only schools, but you can also provide online learning tools to colleges and institutions as well. You can integrate many other features that will let the administration measure student performance, communication with parents, educational materials, and assessment tests.

Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. Every breakdown comes with a breakthrough. Every hopeless end can give you endless hope. All you need is true determination, passion, and zeal to follow your dreams.

Every trend comes with numerous startup plans for new business ideas. If you already have an idea but are not sure where to start, then you can take online business training courses. You will a takeaway lot of key learning without which a business can never grow.

If you are an entrepreneur, but your business growth is stuck, you can take ‘Problem Solving Courses that cover multiple topics in detail and help you with your business challenges.