Which one is better, getting a job or starting your own business? This is one question that no one else can answer for you but yourself. At different stages of life, a person’s preferences change. If someone is loving their job in the twenties, doesn't necessarily mean they will feel the same way in their forties.

There are various factors that are needed to be taken into consideration while deciding what’s the best for you, a business, or a job. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages that tag along with both of the options that could play an important role as a deciding factor in choosing your career preference.


Amazing Perks Of A 9-5 Job

Yes, whenever we talk about the 9-5 jobs, the first thing that comes to our mind is that guaranteed paycheck. These guaranteed and regular paychecks are heavily preferred by those who are the breadwinner of the family. They need to feed their families hence 9-5 is always their first preference that acts as a safety blanket.

Secondly, 9-5 offers you work-life balance which is very important in today's day and age. Following a fixed timeline/routine allows you to separate your work from your personal life so that neither of them suffers. Last but not least, You get to develop and hone new skills in an organization. You get to work on so many projects, different clients, and colleagues with a different skill set that you end up adding a skill or two to your skillset as well. Hence, a 9-5 job is perfect to broaden your skillset.

Wait, Not All Is Hunky Dory With A 9-5 Job

There are consequences that can not be unseen or turned back towards. If you go for a typical 9-5 job, you will be stuck in a routine for a very long time. Many times, employees don't even get to advance their careers because they are stuck to doing the same task for ages. Then comes the job insecurity. Let’s be honest, no organization in this world offers a 100 percent job guarantee. This corporate world is so competitive that the moment a better resource is found, the previous will be dispensed. On top of that, there is so much dependency on others to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Supremacy Of Owning A Business

Being your own boss! Yes, these 4 words give you all the feels if you are the one who has always appreciated your freedom and do not work well in a caged environment. If you own a business, you get to enjoy flexible timings and could work according to your priorities. Further the same, you can not take for granted the diverse learning experience you gain while building your business from scratch. Also, who can deny the sense of achievement and the respect for running a successful business gains you amongst your circle, professional or personal. 

But There Is A Fly In The Ointment

Don’t take the decision yet as there are still some things to discuss that might still influence you. When you own a business, you are signing up for working 24*7 and bearing the overwhelming amount of stress that it brings along. As you are supposed to make your business a success, you will find yourself constantly thinking about how to make things better. The funds are also not easy to raise. In order to start or even grow an existing business, raising funds is as important as it is difficult. Also, there will always be a risk of owning a business because you never know what the future holds for you. The Covid-19 Pandemic is the perfect example that forced thousands of businesses to shut down.

Final Word…

The decision is not an easy one to make, as there are several factors to consider. Before reaching a conclusion, do a thorough introspection of what exactly is that you want to pursue because once you are into it, switching might feel like way too intimidated and time taking. So think this through and let yourself know if you are an employee or an employer!