“What gets measured,” the infamous Peter Drucker famously observed, “gets managed”.

Business is unpredictable, and what makes it more complex is the cut-throat competition. The trends that are ‘in’ today will be ‘out’ tomorrow. So the only thing that you can count on is that everything in the business world continuously changes.

Hence, it is super important to measure your business performance constantly. A Gartner report suggested that organizations that use predictive business performance metrics can increase their profitability by 20%.

Being an entrepreneur it is vital to know what works for your business, and what does not. Be it small, middle, or large, every business has its share of success and failure. So it is essential to constantly keep a finger on your business performance to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you too want to evaluate the business performance of your small business, here are 5 ways you can do it:

  1. Analyze Financial Statements

Money is important! And, one of the best ways to evaluate the success of your small business is to see how much revenue your company is generating. If your business is generating revenue, then you can pursue your entrepreneurial dream. Without it, your business will not survive in the long run.

  1. Check Customer Satisfaction

Another important way to measure the business performance of your small business is customer satisfaction. Customers can help you improve your business performance. If your customers are satisfied with your products or services, then your business is making progress.

But how do you measure customer satisfaction? You can do that through various surveys, reviews, and honest feedback from your customers. If your business is at a very early stage, you can start developing a client list with an email address to track customers. This way you can keep a count on your new customers as well as build a strong relationship with your clients.

  1. Reach Break-even Point

Setting up a break-even point or a target can help you evaluate the business performance of your small enterprise. The set target is the number you need to achieve in a given period (monthly or quarterly) for the company to cover its expenses to sustain. It is important to reach the break-even point, even if your business is not making a profit.

  1. Sales Indicators

The volume and frequency of sales can provide everything you need to measure the business performance. You can segregate the sales data into new customers, sales to existing customers, how much profit a particular product or service is making, or any other categories that might prove vital for the business. Keeping track of these numbers can provide invaluable insights into your business performance.

  1. Assess your Expectations

While evaluating your business performance, it is also important to assess your expectations. Many people disregard their happiness when it comes to evaluating business performance. But try to consider your perception when measuring your business performance. It always helps!

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