Life often takes channels completely different from what one plans. Priyanka Chirugapati was also interested in fashion interested as she pursued an associate degree in applied science (fashion marketing) at Parsons, the New School of Design after graduating with a bachelor’s of science in business management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She also went forward pursuing the career of her dreams as she designed Western and Indo-Western apparel for women and selling them through an e-commerce platform.

Entrepreneurship was in Priyanka’s blood, but she rather joined her family business related to pharmacy and is playing the role of a leader in the organization in the present. She joined her family business named Granules India in 2012, a Hyderabad and US-based pharmaceutical company that focuses on R&D, with some of its primary products being Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates (PFIs), Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), and Finished Dosages (FDs).

Priyanka joined the organization as a good listener and learner which allowed her to think more openly towards the growth of the company. She gradually brought the company’s focus on the domain of manufacturing in the US. Priyanka was responsible for the over-the-counter division in the US as a Product Manager, which was challenging as the company was not working the depths of R&D. She thus changed the entire portfolio of the company and was designated as Executive Director of Granules Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GPI) after two years. The company entered the market of generic medicines when there were already competitors present, but it still succeeded to such as extent that the market constitutes 50% of the organization’s total revenue.

Priyanka faced the biggest challenge in form of setting up a front-end division for Rx business, which she turned out to be the greatest achievement of the organization along with for herself. It is always inspiring how leaders of renowned organizations turn their challenges into accomplishments. Many such leaders share their strategies and operations behind their success in the Everything About Entrepreneurship course by Bada Business, where aspiring businessmen and future leaders can learn the best business skills from leaders of organizations such as Kent RO, Dr. Lal Path Labs, and Xiaomi India. To know more or register, visit