A brilliant innovative startup idea alone can create a game-changing business. If we trace the business history of India, we will realize that the market is the playground for ambitious entrepreneurs.

These ideas, if well-executed, can build you a company with low investment while getting you the highest possible returns.

If you feel you too have the business acumen to influence the market but do not have an idea, to begin with here is a list of business ideas:

Event Management Company

If you love to hang out with people, building a strong social network, exploring venues for parties and events, meeting with sponsors, and doing everything that requires you to be on the field 24 x 7, then this business idea can make your dream come true.

Event managers can barely spend any time in the office. Hence, with a good marketing strategy, you can earn lakhs and crores.

Wedding Planner

Indian weddings are a matter of fascination for the entire world. Whether the economy is going down or booming, weddings never go out of fashion. From an intimate and personal affair to ‘big fat Indian weddings’, the wedding industry presents great opportunities for those, who love planning, decorating, and building social networking.

The initial investment is not typically low, however, the returns are in lakhs and crores once the business scales.

Food Catering Business

Everyone loves delicious food! Every occasion like parties, birthday ceremonies, anniversaries, and weddings require great food to make it even more enjoyable. Hence, venturing into a food catering business can be an ideal deal.

For a food catering business, all you need is a kitchen and small staff to cook lip-smacking cuisine, serve, deliver and manage logistics.

Travel Agency

As the millennial-generation has started spending money on exploring various places, the travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Keeping to traveler`s changing needs, this business idea is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs to invest their money.

Initially, do not invest money and tie-up with a host-agency instead. By doing so, you will get help with ARC, IATA, or CLIA numbers faster. This step can help you earn higher commissions while keeping your costs low.

As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. On that positive note, we would like to say just one last thing. So while each of the above-mentioned business ideas has its fair share of risks & surmountable barriers, they also hold great potential to make you the next successful entrepreneur.

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