Aditya, a 24-year-old guy, with plenty of revolutionary startup business ideas in his mind and a determination to set up his startup hails from Kanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. Surrounded by a large crowd of successful entrepreneurs and young solopreneurs who are chasing their business goals, he is getting nervous with each passing minute.

He can feel the sweat beads forming consistently and rolling down over his forehead against his will, which adds up to his discomfort. He can feel his heart thumping, ready to leap out of his chest. And, while many of you may think that Aditya is about to experience a cardiac arrest, let us tell you that nothing of this sort is about to happen.

Aditya, who has a charming personality and the confidence to sweep any businessman off with his effective communication skills and creative ideas, is also an INTROVERT. Being an introvert means meeting total strangers or attending an event with hundreds of people is no less than a nightmare.

While many people can easily share personal stories while making business contacts, there are also people like Aditya who want to build a strong network and close business deals for his business idea but can`t approach a stranger and start talking. You can also watch video on "Covid Proof & Recession Proof Business Ideas" , here:

Loud and crowded settings are often intimidating for introverts and draining. But in a world that often recognizes an extrovert as the ideal personality, how do introverts get ahead when it comes to building a network?

Here are five tips that can help even the most introverted entrepreneurs improve his or her networking skills:


One of the most clichéd tips of all time, yet very effective and true. Accepting your weaknesses and strengths is the ultimate way of evolving both personally and professionally. Beating yourself up for not having an outgoing personality will not help you in any way. It will only create a sense of inferiority that will hold you back in the future.

Make improvements by learning from extroverts, but don`t expect yourself to behave like one. To get uplift your mood and spirits, you can listen to the best motivational speaker in India.


There is nothing wrong if you feel more comfortable in a small group. After someone accepts your invitation to discuss your startup business idea, look for scenarios where you can meet people in settings that are peaceful and ideal for network building. You can invite business investors to small group or in-person activities like a cup of coffee at your favorite café to discuss endless business possibilities.

It may take you more time to meet new people. But, it will help you to overcome your hesitation to meet new people and will build much deeper and significant relationships.


If you too get cold feet like Aditya when it comes to approaching even one person, then fret not! Take baby steps. Do not rush. Do not try to force yourself to go and talk to people when you are not comfortable. Forced conversations can leave a negative impact on your investor.

Begin by exchanging emails or few direct messages on LinkedIn with your business prospect. This will give you a sense of familiarity with the person you are about to meet in person. After you have communicated through emails, take the conversation ahead by meeting them in person. You can also hire a business coach who can help you overcome hesitation.


It is very normal for introverts to remain with that one connection they make in an event for the entirety. However, being an entrepreneur you will have to build multiple connections for your business growth. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. Tell yourself a number and meet as many people within a certain amount of time. Explain that you are a little introvert and it will be amazing if they can introduce yourself.


Aditya is not alone in this world! Many people like him begin sweating at the mere mention of attending events. Many people in this world do not find the thought of meeting countless strangers pleasing. But, building a network is an important aspect of a start-up business. A little planning can ease out the entire situation for introverts.

When you find an event that can materialize your startup business idea into reality, you can contact the organizer a couple of days ahead of the event. See if the organizer can help you to make introductions through email or social media. On the day of the event, you will know specifically which people to seek out.

Introverts may find meeting total strangers and converting those meetings into treasured resources quite overwhelming. But as an entrepreneur, you have to have a strong network. So, networking has to be a part of the business plan.

To resolve this challenge, we have many ‘Problem Solving Courses’ that include personality development as well to help you build a strong network.