Working for yourself at your convenience is unbeatable. The flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, and get paid is quite amazing and this is why freelancing has become a common term in this era.

Though the concept of freelancing has existed for a long time, not many people chose it as a full-time income source because of the lack of clients and unattractive income. But with the pandemic striking the world thrice since 2020, freelancing has become a common and most preferable norm.

Although freelancing is preferred by many young professionals, they often struggle to find work. And finding a new client or more business is probably the most daunting aspect of being self-employed. So how can you enjoy the freedom of working as a freelancer, and get more work at the same time?

You can watch this video by Dr. Vivek Bindra to find out what are other professional opportunities you can take up as a freelancer:

Here are 4 amazing tips that will help you to get more business and carve out a niche for yourself:

1. Understand Your Expertise

When a company seeks to hire a freelancer for their business, they prefer someone who has good experience in the relative field. For instance, any freelance writer can write about finance, however, only a professional who has written extensively for the finance sector will be able to produce high-quality pieces.

So, you need to understand your expertise. Find out in which industry you have hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge. Use your previous experience and expertise that you have acquired from your previous job as it can help you to find new clients from the relative field.

If there is a specific area in which you would like to gain experience, you can take online business courses or look for certifications to add to your resume.

2. Quote Competitive Prices & Be Flexible about it

Many new freelancers undersell themselves thinking that it will help them to get more clients. But, this can result in you being underpaid. Always remember that a client would spend money on someone with a high level of skills, and whom they can trust with their project. Pricing yourself too low can hinder the confidence of your potential clients in your expertise.

Instead of underselling yourself, look at your professional experience and expertise in the industry. Figure out what other freelancers in your industry are charging. Price yourself honestly when you bid for a project on websites like Upwork. If you need to set a rate for yourself for an overall project, analyze how many hours you will need to complete it. Don`t forget to include the time of modifications, revisions, or communication from the client`s side.

As you start gaining more experience, you can adjust your rates accordingly. You can build a portfolio as well to showcase various projects that you have undertaken to get more clients.

3. Build a Strong Digital Presence

In this world, where everything is happening online, a strong digital presence is what you needed the most as a freelancer. You don`t have to print an ad in a newspaper anymore. All you have to do is create a powerful portfolio on various social media platforms. The digital presence will help you to demonstrate your skills and expertise for those interested in hiring freelancers.

Make the most of social media platforms to reach out to new clients. You can also increase your followers to build a fan base of people who love your work. Make connections on LinkedIn because nurturing a strong network will help you with leads of potential clients.

4. Keep Your Clients Updated

One of the worst things that any freelancer could do is not to keep their client in the loop as the project progresses. Don`t make this mistake. Once, you are on board with a client, pay attention to the guidelines that are mentioned in your contract. This will give you a fair idea of if and when they expect key updates.

Try to update your clients regularly, and let them know immediately if anything changes with the project. If you are forced to adjust the deadline due to unavoidable circumstances, keep the lines of communication open. Share the reasoning behind the change and how you can manage it for them.

As a freelance professional, you should use all the opportunities to build your client base and network. Knowing how well you met their expectations will send out a message that you care about your client`s experience. This will help you to build your brand.

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