While many business aspirants come up with innovative ideas that have the scope to mark their own presence in the market, they often lack the finances to be able to start their business. In such a case, they search for sources to provide them with financial support. Here are 5 ways in which you can fund-raise for your start-up:

1. Customer is the best investment:

A customer is the best person to invest in a company. The money earned by the first few customers helps in preventing the need to take a loan or search for other investors.

2. Bootstrap:

Investors often check whether the business owner himself is also investing a business or not. This helps in building the investors' trust towards you and proves your seriousness towards your business. This also increases your dedication towards your company

3. Peer-to-peer lending

When you lend money from your friends or family, you get a lot of advantages. You don't need to give them interest or share in the company. Moreover, this doesn't bring the hassle of documentation with it, and you mostly get money instantly.

4. Crowd-funding

Crowdfunding refers to raising finance from public. While on one hand this helps in raising funds for your start-up, it has also turned out to be a good source of free marketing.

5. Angel Investment

As the name proves, these investors work as magic for your startups. Angel investors may give debt or equity as financial aid for your company. If you have a strong belief towards your business' growth, but lack revenue to drive it, angel investors can prove to be very helpful.

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