Summary: If you feel stuck right now in your startup business, spirituality can be your ultimate savior. Discover how renewing your spiritual path or adopting one might help you get back on track.

Many entrepreneurs think that spirituality has no place in the startup business. Tools that enhance productivity, charts, decks, and analysis are often promoted for business growth and success. But ask any good motivational speaker in India and he will give you a  piece of advice, “these are all very handy tools without any doubts, but they work only when you have the clarity, passion, and vision about your work”.

Building a startup business from the scratch and running it successfully is not a simple task. Sometimes, even the most successful entrepreneurs feel the heat and pressure to thrive in their business. Whether you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, you are the driver of your own business. And you have to be at your best; otherwise, it impacts the whole business.

For many entrepreneurs who find it funny to correlate spirituality with business growth, there have been multiple emerging researches that shows entrepreneurs` spiritual practices and their startup business growth are co-related. So could your business benefit from your spiritual practice?

“If you are stuck in your business right now, strengthening your spiritual practice or adopting one will help you to get your mind and business on track”, says Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best motivational speaker in India.

Here is a list of exercises that can help you to feel more at peace and grounded and result in major business gains:


Journaling is one of the oldest techniques that still work like a charm in any scenario to date. Keeping a journal in a notebook or on an app on your phone can be helpful for entrepreneurs. When you write your thoughts on a piece of paper, it gives you a fresh perspective and helps you to analyze.

According to the best motivational trainer and business coach Dr. Vivek Bindra, entrepreneurs can keep different journals at one time. If you have never kept a journal or are confused about where to start, you can begin by writing freely about anything that is bothering you. Unleashing your thoughts on any given situation is always a good start. It will increase your awareness and help you to distance yourself from your thoughts and feelings.


Many people associate mindfulness with meditation. However, it is not limited to just that. Mindfulness is also observing things as they are without any judgment. Create time to witness your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and actions as a third person.

For instance, if you are bothered with how you reacted in a certain meeting or with your investor, recall the entire incident as if you are watching a movie. Watch yourself reacting, as you might watch a child, and instead of criticizing, understand the entire situation with compassion. At the core, we all want to be understood and feel accepted even when we are running our startup business.


We all have an inner voice that keeps on guiding us provided we lend an ear to it. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something being either right or wrong without any logical explanation for it? That`s your intuition. The more you follow these feelings, the more connected you will feel with your inner self. Being intuitive engages your right brain where creativity, emotions, feelings, and inspiration reside. To become a successful entrepreneur keeping a good balance between being a logical mind and a creative mind is crucial.

There is a strong connection between the personal values of religion, spirituality in the life of the entrepreneurs, and the success of their startup business. With the above-mentioned three practices, one can attain clarity, focus, and more awareness. So why not start today?

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