Mornings are incomplete without a coffee. And it is no secret that we Indians love our morning brews. Whether you have to rush for a morning meeting or manage your household chores, a hot cup of coffee gives a great start to our mornings.

According to a report published in Economic Times, India is now the world`s 10th fastest growing market for specialist coffee and tea retail chains. The industry is estimated to grow 6.9% a year to Rs 4,540 crore by 2023 in value sales’.

The industry has gained popularity, especially among young consumers. Specialist coffee shops attract youth, especially in large cities. So, if you are planning to open a coffee stall business in 20K, it would be a perfect time to do it.

Opening a coffee shop can be profitable and a self-rewarding business. So if you are a young entrepreneur who wants to become financially independent, open a coffee stall business.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you come up with a brilliant coffee shop business plan:

  1. Choose a Coffee Stall Business Model

Having the right business model is paramount for any startup business. Hence, you will have to decide which type of business you would like to start. You will have to zero in on whether you want to come up with a small coffee stall or a café.

A small coffee stall business sells low-cost tea to the customers along with snacks. Depending on your investment capacity, you can decide whether you also want to provide seating arrangements to your customers. You can use disposable cups and provide snacks like omelets, toasts, and other snacks.

This is a low-cost coffee shop business idea and can be started with as low as Rs 20K.

  1. Franchise or Ownership

In urban as well as cities in rural areas, the demand for coffee has gained popularity. A lot of companies are now offering franchise business opportunities to new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs.

If you want to start a coffee and snack stall with a brand, then a franchise is the best option for you. Why? Because an already established brand will attract customers since the very first day.

However, if you want to start your own coffee stall business under Rs. 20,000, then starting your own business is more profitable for you.

  1. Select a Location

The next thing that you must do after deciding the business model, you will have to find an apt location for your coffee stall. The choice of location can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

  • Always select a place which is located in a busy market or shopping area. This will ensure you get high footfall throughout the day.
  • The location should also be easily accessible by the consumers. Your selected place must also possess great visibility too.
  • It is very important to understand your target audience. You can then choose your location accordingly.
  • The location should be affordable too. It is best to choose a place for your coffee stall business that is easily affordable. Also, check the lease fluctuation patterns of the past few years.


  1. Business Registration & License

Most of the coffee stall businesses in India run as proprietorship models. If you too are planning to follow the course, your PAN card is sufficient for that. You will also need a Trade License from the Local Municipal Authority.

  1. Go Online

With a nominal investment, you can sell your coffee online on the internet. If you do not have enough funds to advertise, you can use the power of social media platforms.

The online presence of your brand on popular networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help to build your brand`s reputation.

Opening a coffee stall business in India is one of the most popular business ideas. However, it also needs a great deal of market research and business planning. You can learn the dynamics of business, challenges you might face, and solutions in advance to make your business successful with our Problem-Solving Courses.

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