Digital marketing is always evolving, but 2022 will be quite dramatic. Startup businesses and brands not only plan to keep up with the future of marketing but should also be prepared to make the most out of it.

Whether you want to be an influencer, or want to take your startup business to the next stage, here is a list of 7 top digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and how you can use them to your advantage:

1. Meta is omnipresent

Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Meta is a term for virtual and augmented experiences. In simpler terms, it represents an interactive experience of a real-world environment, virtually. Creating a name for the parent company is quite logical and with that masterstroke, Facebook is betting big on the future of the web.

Pro Tip: This is the time when marketers should start looking for opportunities and experimenting for their businesses in these spaces.

2. Influencers continue to flourish

Influencer marketing is still a hot trend is set to reach $13.8 billion in 2021. This trend is here to stay and will continue to grow. The campaigns by influencers provide context and relevance since the influencer who is followed by millions of people is endorsing the brand. B2B brands will also continue to embrace influencers and many popular and high-end brands have harnessed this trend.

Pro Tip: Marketers should keep looking for opportunities to collaborate with influencers in their space.

3. Marketers get more strategic

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business automation have already reduced a lot of the grunt work of digital marketing, marketers need to keep up with the pace and become more strategic. The opportunities in digital marketing continue to grow.

Pro Tip: “What drives your business growth?” should be the primary focus of the marketers and they must think strategically about it.

4. LinkedIn is growing & will keep growing

LinkedIn in each quarter shows considerable gains in monthly active users and also in terms of engagements on the platform. They are continuously launching new features to provide more value and drive better results for businesses and pages.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn will continue to be a rising star in the digital space; hence, marketers should go all-in on LinkedIn.

5. SEO is more integrated

Search engine optimization is one of the oldest and most valuable forms of digital marketing. As search algorithms have continuously become smarter and more contextual, marketers are required to focus more on providing an outstanding and meaningful experience to their users instead of using hacks and tricks of SEO.

Pro Tip: According to the best business motivational coach Dr. Vivek Bindra, marketers should focus less on SEO and more on relevant and excellent user experience.

6. Websites get faster

Page loading time is an important part of any website`s user experience. And most often people let it slide for better designs, functionality or to add more content to web pages. If a user clicks on your website and it takes more than a few seconds to load, they are likely to leave your page. This will result in losing a potential customer and can cost you a conversion.

Pro Tip: Marketers ensure that their website is well optimized and responsive.

7. Less is more

The explosion of digital marketing options means that almost every brand wants to dominate all the platforms. However, smart businesses focus on dominating just one channel. Though it is easy to get distracted by new trends, the majority of the business growth still comes from the foundational tools in digital marketing.

Pro Tip: Don`t forget to focus on your strength and foundation.

If you are an entrepreneur and planning to establish a strong brand presence for your business, the above-mentioned marketing tips should be considered.

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