How would you define manufacturing? In popular opinion, manufacturing is the process of combining the efforts of machinery and labour to make wonderful things with the help of raw material to put up for sale and making money out of it. Generally, when the manufacturer is used, it is associated with large scale manufacturing of finished goods. However, India is a developing country and has seen its fair share of struggles with keeping up with the manufacturing business.

Realizing the need to keep up with the pace and establishing India as a global player, the government is on top of its game to encourage businesses to make in India. This piece is written to present to you some advantages and disadvantages of starting a manufacturing business in India so that you can decide if you will be up for the challenge to emerge as a winner.

Let’s Break The Bad News First

The power shortage

One of the biggest drawbacks of running manufacturing is the unavailability of power 24*7. This setback does not allow the operations to run properly during business hours, let alone the smooth operations 24*7. This ultimately affects the efficiency, productivity, and output.

The affected Labour Productivity

The evident lag in supply chain management, transportation, and maintenance takes a toll on the productivity of the labour assigned to operate the machinery or to do the manual tasks.

The Costs of transportation & Logistics

The costs of transportation in India are really high and we all know. It takes very long to transport raw material from one point to another. The condition of logistics makes the situation even worse.

Troubles With IP Rights

One of the biggest issues with having a manufacturing business is the trouble that business goes through while protecting intellectual property.  As if it wasn't bad enough, the ongoing reforms in India related to IP are only adding to the problem. 

We Saved the Good For The Last

The Government Support

Much needed in these troubled times, the support of the government of India is successfully managing to plant a hope in the heart and a dream in the eyes of the potential manufacturers by giving the message loud and clear in the form of the “Make In India” campaign. This pandemic has forced us all to realise the need to become independent as a nation, regardless of the kind of industry.

Top-Notch Quality Of Production

The recent example of Apple moving its manufacturing unit in India is perfect to back the fact that India ranks pretty high when it comes to the quality of production. Indian manufacturers have always believed in using top quality machines which is not beginning fruitful results.

Cost-effective Labour

Now let’s be specific that hiring labour in India is way more economical than hitting it in any other country. Both India and China have a very large population with a very high number of skilled and unskilled labor, but India has a clear upper hand as the labor cost is way less. The corporate giants have realized this fact and now is the time for the start of the Indian Manufacturing industry to shine.

Pros and cons are two sides of the same coin. If you sign up for something, you can not give yourself a false hope that it will be a bed of roses. Just accept the fact that India is still in a developing phase and will take its own sweet time to get there. If you start now, chances are you will be among the leaders in the coming years. Just promise your hard work and dedication to your business, the rest will fall in [place on its own.