Have you ever interacted with a chatbot in the banking sector? Have you ever tried to place an order online through an app that suggested you the best dish? If yes, then welcome to the world of chatbots services.

Chatbots continue to be a hot topic in this tech-enabled modern era. The concept has emerged as the biggest marketing trend in the past decade.

Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human conversations. Thanks to the rapid developments in technology, the chatbot service is becoming more sophisticated.

According to NASSCOM, ‘India is one of the most attractive chatbots markets in the world in terms of total start-up funding. It comes third, after the USA and Europe, respectively.

More and more organizations are investing in chatbot development and deployment. According to statistics, the chatbots attached to Facebook Messenger was grown up from 30,000in 2016 to over 1,00,000 in 2017.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots or virtual assistants are artificial intelligence (AI) software that simulates a conversation with users in a natural language through messaging applications, mobile apps, websites, or the telephone.

If you want to start a chatbot agency, here is a list of framework you must follow if you want to sell your services:

  1. Do Research & Decide How Chatbots will Fit into your Marketing Services

If you want to start a chatbot agency, then there are two approaches.

i). Start a chatbot agency from the initial stage.

ii). Or you can add chatbot service to your existing marketing services.

Creating a simple chatbot sequence can transform your client`s marketing goals into a reality. Create a wireframe or visualize how the chatbot service is going to look like.

  1. Select a Platform to Build Chatbot

Always select a chatbot building platform that is easy to use, offers plenty of services, has higher recommendations, and a trustworthy company. Though selecting a chatbot platform is difficult, you are going to need an agency plan. Begin with a free plan and later on, you can upgrade it with a better plan.

  1. Learn how to use Chatbot Building Platform

Making your chatbot is easy as it does not involve coding. If you are someone who would love to design your chatbot but hate the complicating programming language, fret not! A chatbot is coding-free. So learn to use the chatbot building platform by including it in your marketing funnel. The more you will learn, the better you will create.

  1. Decide the Price

It is important to determine a well-planned pricing structure for your product. Select a price structure that justifies the value of your product without appearing too costly for tentative clients.

  1. Launch your Chatbot Agency

This is the final step in which you are ready to sell your services to your clients. You can help your clients increase their efficiency and productivity by offering your chatbot services.

Chatbots are one of the most profitable tools that have given proven results to scale up the business. If you are planning to open a Chatbot agency, follow these steps to make clients in large numbers.

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