Success is just a wise decision away! A wise decision to come up with the best business idea that fulfills your passion as well as your wallet. Since ages, people have been making these decisions to live an independent life by becoming successful entrepreneurs for various reasons varying from flexible work hours to being their own boss, from getting to follow their passion to contribute to society the way they want.


When things boil down to picking one startup idea, it becomes equally important to see the pros and cons of starting that business. With a ton of amazing and tempting business ideas available in the market,  it can be hard to figure out which are worth investing your money and time in. This is where we want to be of some help to our readers. We will be sharing a few business ideas with you that may work out in your favour.


Educational Mobile Apps

If you have always had an interest in teaching and have a knack for it, the business idea of coming up with an educational mobile app would be the best idea for you. For all the technicalities of designing the app and other requirements, you can have a third party involved and get it outsourced. We are certain that EdTech is one industry that is blooming in this pandemic amidst all the restrictions and will continue to grow and flourish even after things get back to normal. There are many verticals in the field of online education, ranging from the subject matter experts to the professionals who provide courses around business and marketing, you can choose which option serves you the best.



In case you are an expert and find yourself well-versed in a particular field or an industry, we would highly recommend exploring more about how consultation and consultants work. If you are good at providing expert advice and it ends up benefiting the individual or an organization you serve, you may get paid a hefty amount as a fee for this consultation. Once you make a place for yourself, you could also start becoming a part of professional events, meetups, conferences where your expertise would be more than welcomed. You can become a professional consultant in the field of education, education overseas, business, coaching, investment, etc.


Blogging/Content Writing

 If you often get complimented for your out of the box thinking and unique writing style, you might as well make a living out of it and turn it into a flourishing business eventually. Blogging or content writing is that kind of business idea that doesn't require you to spend your entire savings or burn a hole in your pocket, the capital requirement is as minimum as it gets!


The popularity and importance of bloggers and content writers have only increased over the last few years and clients are ready to pay handsome amounts of money in exchange for some quality content that could help them shape the brand and help it position in a positive light on digital media. Blogging and content writing has become the bare minimum necessities for businesses and has the potential of a great startup idea that earns you good money.



With a plethora of options available around us regarding the startup business ideas, the process of narrowing the list down and selecting THE one could be a daunting and intimidating process. Nevertheless, careful and sincere research could help you choose your dream venture that not only supports your passion but also feeds your wallet.