In today’s era, parent’s want to have the best for their children, since the very beginning, be it beginning of their lifestyle, or education. This has thus lead to a rise in the expectations of the parents for their children as they look for getting their admissions done in pre-school or nursery. In such a case, it becomes vital for the preschool business plan to include what children and their parents want.

Long gone are the days when pre-schools and junior classes meant teaching the young minds. Just like the changing times, the ways of giving education to children have also changed drastically over a few years. The young minds now need to teach their alphabets and everything else they need to know through fun learning. With this new concept, it often becomes challenging for those planning to open a playschool to understanding what all their school should have. Here is a guide to how to start a play school in India:


Opening a playschool at primary locations, such as residential areas helps you in getting more children. Apart from the locality, you also need to take care that the space you are planning to take for your playschool has enough space for the little ones to run and play. You also might need to install some swings or toy-cars, so keep in mind you have enough space.


Parents expect their child’s day at school to be full of fun-filled activities. Having some chairs and tables to sit and read is no more sufficient. You need to install various amenities across the playschool premises. These can be swings, swimming pool, toy cars, ball pool etc. While a school doesn't need to have all of these, but the more you have, the more they add to your school’s impression.


Parents these days are highly concerned about their children's’ safety. Install CCTV cameras across the premises and also provide live access to parents if possible to gain their trust towards your school. If your budget allows, you can also hire a guard who is responsible for taking in the students and handing them back to the parents.


Your play school requires different types of staff members for different requirements. This includes qualified teachers to indulge children in activity-based learnings, many who can take care of the children, a receptionist who can show the parents around and make them register their students, a guard as mentioned above, and a driver who can pick and drop the children to their homes.

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