‘Never judge a book by its cover’, an old proverb that we must have heard multiple times. However, when it comes to marketing a product, the outer packaging is very important. Wrong packaging could be detrimental to your packaging business.

Packaging can influence customer behavior, improves customer satisfaction, and motivates consumers. It is also one of the key drivers of repeat purchases, especially when you are at the early stages of the packaging business.

According to a Business Standard report, in developing countries like India, the packaging is almost 54% more important for customer satisfaction, as compared to developed countries such as the US & Japan.

Having an excellent packaging design not only makes your product unique but also attracts customers. Good packaging can elevate your brand value, justify the price, and makes your product stand out from the competitors. It also ensures the safety of your products.

Let`s discuss some of the most effective tips that you must keep in mind when it comes to a packaging business startup:

  1. Packaging Budget

Before starting a packaging business, determine your budget. Your budget will also determine the material you can use, and how you can make your packaging design as enticing as possible.

Materials like fibers and glass look beautiful, however, they do not come cheap either to manufacture or to ship. Glass is heavy and breakable. It is also not appropriate for shipping as well. This may lead to consumer prices. So, it is better to determine the budget for packaging. You can also opt for a bulk option which can be cost-effective.

  1. Multiple Packaging Plan

It is always wise to do some research before finalizing your packaging requirements based on your product. Invest a considerable amount of time to study the various packaging options available. Choose the type of packaging that guarantees the safety of your product and leaves an unforgettable impression on your consumer`s mind.

  1. Packaging Transportation

After deciding on the package design, it is time to shift your focus to its functional characteristics. No matter how attractive your packaging is if the packaging does not ensure the safety of the product, it is useless. Hence, pick your packaging wisely.

  1. Inventory Management

One of the most crucial parameters for any packaging business start-up is inventory management. Inventory management is done properly can be cost-effective. Analyze the stocking options based on your business requirements and manage your packing business smartly.

  1. Choose Sustainable Packaging Materials

Building purposeful packaging can leave a long-lasting impression on your customer`s mind. If you are an entrepreneur and your business is at an early stage, choose packaging that conveys relevant information about your brand. Pick a packaging material that is light-weight, eco-friendly, and sustainable for the environment.

Packaging serves as the main ‘attention-getter’ in every industry and can drive more customers to your products. Keeping the above-mentioned factors can help you choose the perfect packaging for your business.

Apart from picking up the best packaging material, there could be more challenges that can hinder the growth of your business. So how will you get past them when you are just starting up?

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