Now, along with staying connected, WhatsApp users can place orders with the new ‘carts’ feature in the app.  With more than two billion users base worldwide, WhatsApp has more than 340 million Indian users, which makes India WhatsApp`s biggest market.

Having such a vast audience, WhatsApp has gained the attention of small business owners and retailers. This Facebook-owned instant messaging app has allowed small retailers to sell their products via their platform service and has become a ‘WhatsApp e-commerce store’.

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, highlighted by WhatsApp revealed that 76 percent of adults in India said that they are more likely to purchase from a company that they can contact via an instant messaging app than the one they cannot. 81 percent of the Indians agreed that messaging through a chat app is a much easier, faster, and convenient way to communicate.

Hence, to provide more comprehensive services to consumers and ease for selling small businesses, this instant messaging giant has launched a feature called ‘carts’. Resembling a storefront, this new and innovative feature lets the customer's purchase products without having to switch to another app.

It also gives them access to explore the catalog, chat and discuss a particular shortlisted product with their friends, family, or colleagues and buy it, right from their chat window.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs can use their catalog to showcase their goods or services, and then chat with the customer to coordinate the details and payment. Also, the ‘cart’ feature within the app makes the process of transactions easier for businesses through this app.

"WhatsApp is fast becoming a store counter to discuss products and coordinate sales. Catalogs have allowed people to quickly explore what's available and helped businesses organize their chats around particular products. With more and more shopping happening through chats, we want to make buying and selling even easier," WhatsApp said in a blog post.

With ‘Carts’- the new WhatsApp shopping button, people can select multiple products by browsing through a catalog and send the order as one message to the business.

More than 175 million send messages to a Whatsapp Business account every day, and around 40 million people check out a business catalog each month, including more than three million in India.

If you are looking to add your business on WhatsApp business, you should do it without any further delay. The new WhatsApp shopping feature will help you maximize the reach of your business and will help you expand it with a large customer base.

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