Conducting meetings and planning for strategies act as fuel for the company’s growth, however, remembering all the important pointers while having meetings is not humanly possible.

Therefore, Minutes of Meetings come in place to make the information readily available to the members.

What is Minutes of Meetings (MOM)?

Minutes of Meetings (MOM) is jotting down the important details such as specific decisions, things and goals which were discussed in the meeting. These pointers are later emailed to all the people who are present in the meeting for their better understanding and remembering of the major points that were discussed in the meeting. This helps in working on future decisions and is used in all government and non-government sectors.

The Purpose of Minutes of Meetings:

Minutes of Meetings is the official record of meeting maintained at the time of meeting and it is also present in the court as the evidence. The purpose of the meeting is to provide correct information and facts about the decision taken and the approach on the futuristic decision. These records are maintained in the books as well as on emails.

Why Minutes of Meetings is important?

  • Thoughtfully and carefully jot down notes are legally valid, forged and unclear information are consider to be providing false information to the government as well as within the organization. 
  • The correct data and facts helps in understanding the specific of the meeting and the future goals. 

How to write Minutes of Meeting?

Before writing the Minutes of the Meeting, it is very important to understand what kind of data you want to record and then write things in a focused manner.

  • Title and topic of the meeting.
  • Time and date.
  • Names of participants in the meeting.
  • Organization name of all the members.
  • A summary of each special discussion.
  • Note all significant decisions.
  • Don't forget to write down the date of the next meeting.

Some parts of the minutes of the meeting can be written in just one line, such as title, date and time. There are some things which have to be written in detail like the agenda of the meeting, decisions taken in the meeting. So, always jot down the information correctly.

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