From popular brands to startups, independent business consultants to best motivational speakers in India, YouTube has become a source of entertainment and fun for people, worldwide. This popular social media platform has already witnessed the presence of some of the most popular brands like Google, BMW, Disney, Lego, and famous corporate trainers like Dr. Vivek Bindra. All of them have channels that are subscribed to by millions of followers.

Not only big brands, but companies of all sizes and even individuals are embracing YouTube and capitalizing as a promotional venue. So, there is no doubt that YouTube presents a huge opportunity for brands to reach and engage with their consumers firsthand, but only when done right.

So whether you are an independent business consultant or an entrepreneur who wants to reach your target audience, YouTube marketing is perfect for you. But, here are some of the biggest challenges that you might face on this platform:

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Sometimes it’s the quality of the content, while most of the time it’s the wrong target audience. Many marketers and startup businesses make the mistake of pitching their products and services to the wrong audience. This often results in visitors slipping away.

It is easy for brands to believe that the product videos will appeal to all sorts of demographics. However, this belief is far from the truth. Hence, avoid this mistake like plague, as it can cost you time, money, and effort. Determine your customers` demographics because not everyone requires and is interested in what you are offering.

2. Having No Objective

To create the right video content defining your marketing objectives clearly is highly essential for a company or an individual. Whether you want to increase sales, generate leads, or make new customers grow brand awareness, or decrease churn, it should be clear to you as well as to your marketing team.

Think about which type of emotion you want to invoke in your audiences. Do you want them to feel excited, moved, or inspired? You can use different types of video content like unboxings, events, interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, Q&A sessions, and how-to guides based on your marketing objectives and your target audience. Focus on emotions that drive value for a business.

3. Sharing Videos of Poor Quality

There must be millions of videos getting posted every day on YouTube. But videos that are of great quality and offer value are the ones that get instant likes in great numbers. Good videos appear more professional and make your audience feel more connected. Pay attention to minute details like lighting, audio, angles, and camera.

Keep background separate from foreground elements, eliminate shadows and emphasize key scene elements. Quality audio is also important for the success of your video and promotion efforts. Most viewers will leave your video and miss the message that you want to communicate if the sound quality is not good enough. Make a video that is informative, entertaining, and engages your target audience, and covers the topic that is they are looking for. This strategy can give the desired results for your YouTube marketing.

Businesses often fail to set the right metrics for their video marketing campaigns. They often focus on comments and shares. Though these two factors are important, other metrics will help you to give a good idea of the performance. Metrics like traffic source, average view duration, the view-to-subscribers ratio will help you measure success are average percentage viewed, unique viewers, watch time, and re-watches.

While your YouTube channel can be your brand-building powerhouse, the above-mentioned mistakes can fail even the well-crafted marketing strategy. The above-mentioned challenges are common and faced by every marketer at a certain point.

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