Summary: While investing in stocks it is easy to get carried away by numbers and record highs. Don`t make these mistakes in the stock market especially when it’s too tempting.

Investing in a stock market is a serious affair and a long-term game. Despite this, many investors in India tend to succumb to their emotions every time the market hits a new high. There have been many firsts for the Stock Exchange. When it hit 1,000 for the first time, it was an all-time high! And then it reached 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, or 50,000…and with every new record, the story continued.

There will be a time when the Sensex will cross the 100,000 mark and then 500,000, but we don`t know when that will happen. No matter how many records the market is breaking, the basic rules of investing don`t change. If there is one important thing that you should remember while investing in the market, it is that market high is not a destination; it is a journey towards wealth creation.

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Here are some golden tips that you should consider before investing in the stock market while it rides the bull:

1. Avoid Fear Of Missing Out

Many people suffer from FOMO or fear of missing out when they could not participate in the stock market rally. Recently, the same happened in India and now there is a strong urge to invest before they lose more. But fear of missing out on some perceived gains should not be the guiding principle when it comes to investment. It is best to avoid FOMO because it will lead to many irrational money decisions that will result in losses.

2. The Market is Smarter

A market is a forward-looking machine. It means that the market always sees things we cannot. It has discounted the third or even the fourth wave of the pandemic. However, there is a huge difference between the market's performance and a nation's economy.

The Sensex has its own rules, which is why the market keeps proving everyone wrong. This is why investors should not overthink. Focus on diversifying your portfolio, asset allocation, and risk profile. Control the controllable before it goes out of control, i.e., your behaviour, your money, and hence your losses. To know everything about Share Market from the scratch, watch here:

3. Don`t Invest in Meme Stocks or Trending Stocks

You must have heard about various stocks and their sky-rocket prices without any strong fundamentals in place. It is a pure play of operators and the community. Similarly, many people invest in penny stocks and meme stocks in India based on the news for a quick gain. However, always know the fact that whenever a stock is trending, it is trending for the wrong reasons.

It is important to remember that you are investing in businesses and not in stocks. Find good businesses, and avoid investing in memes and penny stocks. Understand your risk profile, and financial goals, and do thorough research before you pick any stock, the way you do it before buying a car or a house.

4. Don`t Follow Anyone Blindly

Be it Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or Warren Buffett, never follow anyone blindly. These legendary investors are experts in the stock market and there is nothing wrong with their investing advice, but the issue lies in following any advice blindly. If you follow Warren Buffett, you must be aware of his famous quote on diversification. He says, “Diversification is for the ignorant.” It simply means that those who know how to pick the right stock at the right time should only invest in a few stocks instead of spending on multiple stocks across multiple sectors. But this does not always work for a retail investor.

When you invest only in a few stocks, you put yourself at a huge risk of having a concentrated portfolio. So always have a diversified portfolio, unless you have the money, time, and expertise to select stocks like Warren Buffett.

Never invest in one go, especially when the market is showcasing high fluctuation. So unless there is a good correction, always spread your investments into tranches. For example, if you have Rs. 5 lakh to invest, then divide that into five or six months and invest accordingly.

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