How to Build a Unique Video Marketing Strategy!
The year 2020 marks the rebirth of video marketing. More than 50% of customers want to see videos from companies & brands, more than any other type of content. A video marketing strategy is within the reach of virtually every business despite its budget & size.Videos are capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80% on the landing pages.Here are 5 steps to build a perfect video marketing strategy for your business to enhance your brand:1. Identify your Goal
The first step in order to creating a perfect video marketing strategy is to know & assess your video’s goal.Every decision taken during the video creation process will lead back to your video’s end goal and what action you’d like your audience to take after watching it.What’s the goal?
  • Is it to increase brand awareness?
  • Is it to sell more event tickets?
  • Launch a new product?
  • Ultimately, what action do you want your viewers to take after watching the video?
How will you determine the success of your video?
 Decide several key performance indicators that match with your video goal, to determine the success of your video.2. Focus on Your Target Audience
Now that you know what the goal of your videos is, it’s time to figure out who is your audience This is a very crucial step; if you create your videos without a specific audience in mind, it is going to fall flat. Your target audience will not get to watch it and those who watch it accidently won’t result in a conversion.If you want to very specific on who consumes your content, then you would need to analyse the buyer persona. They are mostly used by B2B companies and are subsets of the ideal customer profile.To finalize your target audience strategy, just make sure you know where your target audience hangs out
’ this will help you with right distribution of your video.3. Provide Incredible Valuable Information
Quality content was and will continue to dominate if it reaches the right audience. Once you understand who your target audience is, you should start working on creating incredible valuable content for them.What does your audience want to see? What is the burning problem of your audience?
  • Make the effort to study & understand what your audience wants. This can add a huge amount of value to your content, as your content will be relevant & informative for the audience.
  • Listen to your audience through your social media conversations, questions, replies, and through frequently asked questions from your support inbox.
How to create an impactful video?
  • Start with a Strong Hook Statement
  • Include data to support rational mind
  • Include stories & examples to engage the visualization of the mind
  • Focused Central Message 

4. 10x Your Content Marketing Consistency

Since more and more businesses are realizing the value of a well-developed content marketing strategy, competition in the space is increasing.
  • One of the most important ways businesses can distinguish themselves from their competitors is by increasing their content 10x i.e. by providing valuable content consistently to their audience.
  • Providing high-quality consistent content helps businesses enhance their brand and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
Consistency in your content has a direct influence on your brand’s credibility. The more consistent you are, the more credible your brand becomes.
  • Consistency builds brand awareness
  • Engages the audience
  • Helps in generating leads
  • Improves website traffic and SEO
5. Measure Your Performance
Test. Analyze. Modify. Retest.
If you want your video marketing strategy to work, then you must test, analyze, modify, and test again.You need to produce, release, then review your video’s engagement data in the same way as you do to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for written content.This data will help you justify the investment that you’re making in videos and gauge the performance of the videos as well. Hence, the bottom line is ’ overall strategy and data should drive your video marketing strategy.Video marketing strategy is very useful particularly for startups and small businesses as they want to get recognised fast and build a recall in the minds of the consumer.Follow these 5 steps to enhance your brand through the right video marketing strategy and see the wonders visual treatment can do for your business.