How Social Media can turn the Fortune for your Business
 Social media platforms have enabled business owners to connect with their target audience and engage with quality leads making it very important to focus on social media for business. Social media helps you find people who are interested in your product and can become your customers for life if you engage with them in the manner they like. Here are 7 strategies that can make you a hit on social media. 1. Modify the content according to your social media platform
  • The biggest mistake a business with social media does is to post the same content on all platforms. People want to see different content. For instance a story format will be best suited for Instagram, but for Facebook that might not work. Hence, customize your content according to the platform to drive your customers.
  • Try to add more emotional content that strikes a chord with the viewer as it is proven to have more effect on people. 
2. Tell stories rather selling your product
  • As you know that the social media platform is a powerful tool to make your product noticeable. Make sure that you have a story around the product you are selling as people on social media connect with stories.
  • People get curious about your product and brand when they see storytelling woven around it. Building a story that consumers can relate to and has a central theme around it helps your business for social media grow.
3. Experiment with the advertisement
  • Try experimenting with your promotional advertisements. Customers pay more attention when they see something different. Initially, you can test an experimental advertisement to see the reaction of your followers and improve it through their feedback.
4. Do tag your brand and influencers
  • To score good exposure, make sure you tag your brand and related influencers to get more followers. Post your content with hashtags # as they receive more attention and involve more people associated with it.
  • Influencer marketing has become popular among many social media platforms. Tactical tagging is important if you want to tap other audiences. Partnership with social media influencers is beneficial for both as the influencer gets to be associated with brands and gets paid for the same and the brand can expand their reach by tapping into the follower base of the influencer.

5. Listen to your customers and competitors

  • Pay attention to each feedback as their valuable feedback can help your product and business grow. Customers feel valued when they are asked to share their opinions and comments that can have a positive effect on the growth of your business and in turn also lead to a higher customer retention rate.
  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s activities; it will help you analyze the market and come up with better social media platform strategies.
  • You can also opt for digital tools to monitor the customer’s feedback and reviews. It will also help you to understand more about your audience profile and their viewing habits. Start paying attention to what is being said by the customer on your social media platform. This is the only place where the customers are the most honest. 
6. Organize Contests and Promotional Events
  • One of the most important tactics for networking on social media is to involve your target audiences in activities and contests. Create promotional events and prepare creative content to grab their attention.
  • Make sure to be creative while curating the contest. Everyone loves to participate in contests especially when they can win a prize at the end. You can start the contest with Limited offer tags or some discount coupons to get more audience on your site. Use interesting hashtags so that the contest reaches many more people.
  • Plan an interesting give away for the winner. There is no harm in spending some amount on a valuable giveaway which the participating members can talk about to their friends on social media. This will help in building a positive and brand image in the eyes of the customer.
7. Give out Freebies
  • If you want your customers to be loyal with you start giving out the freebies. Devote a good deal of freebies regularly. Check the gaps that exist between the customer’s expectation and experience. Giving out freebies and discount coupons can boost the energy of your customer which will lead to generating more revenue.
Implementation of these strategies on social media can generate better results for leaving your competitors in dust. The best way to grow your business is to experiment with new tactics to engage with the consumer and optimize your social media strategy.