Summary: The ultimate goal of any business is to attract customers and retain them.

The foundation of growth and success for every business is staying relevant to their customers, and companies always try to focus on this. Attracting customers is critical for any business. However, their ultimate goal is to get those customers to return and become regular buyers.

Attracting a customer is one thing, but ensuring that they keep returning and stay loyal to your product or service can be challenging. This may seem like a challenge, but some unique methods can be used to retain your customers even more effectively.

Through effective marketing and other actions as well, you can turn a first-time buyer into a loyal fan of your brand. You can also work along with a business coach who can guide you with his expertise to come up with unique ideas to increase customer loyalty.

Here are seven unique methods that you can use to retain your customers:

1. Keep Communications Transparent

Honesty, openness, and vulnerability- are the factors that hold a lot of significance to customers. They want to do business transactions or deal with brands that set realistic expectations and exceed them almost every time. In case they don`t, they take steps to make it better when that happens. Customers truly want to deal with businesses that are transparent about their humanness.

2. Focus on Building Relationships with Customers

Customer relationships are the foundation of customer retention. To build relationships with customers means investing time in understanding their needs, requirements, concerns, their experience with a product or service. A business coach with relevant industry experience can help you to build stronger relationships with your customers.

How you treat a customer before and after he or she purchases your product or service demonstrates who you are. It helps to strengthen your relationship with the customer.

3. Ensure Excellent Customer Experience

If you want to retain your customers, focusing on providing a high-quality customer experience, which translates to providing a service that far exceeds their expectations, can work in your company’s favor. To ensure you are giving your customers nothing but the best, give them quality service or products that are above and beyond their expectations.

4. Interact With Your Customers via Social Media

Today, your target customer is present on social media. Social media platforms have emerged as a boon for marketers and advertisers as they provide easy access and wider exposure to reach out to their consumers firsthand. So, why not engage with them?

Engaging with your customers online via social media is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand as well as remind them that you’re “there” to be of service.

5. Make Your Customers Trust You

People want to associate with a brand that is honest and has its customers’ best interests at heart. Keep your communications clear across all the platforms of your marketing touch-points. This means following all legal and generally accepted safety protocols. Keep a tab on public sentiment to understand what is working and what needs to be updated.

6. Lead with Compassion

Empathizing with your customers once they have purchased your product or service is a great way to solidify your relationship with consumers. Reach out to your existing users to hear how they’ve been affected. If you understand their concerns, you are well-equipped to solve their immediate needs.

7. Make Your Customer Feel Special

People remember how you make them feel. So make your customers feel valued, appreciated, and important. People crave connection, so make your customers feel valued, appreciated, and important by tapping into the good feeling that your product or service creates for customers. Invest the time to make it personal and create a customer environment that allows them to have a sense of belonging.

We often receive hundreds of emails from brands sending us a link to click on. But how many of us open those emails? Instead of trying to stay on top of mind by sending the same email that other companies are sending, send an email telling a story about your company and what you are up to.

Don’t sell. Don’t market. Just create a bond with your customers and lead with compassion.

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