Marketing is a necessity for any business, especially for a start-up. But most people think about TV commercials, billboards, giant hoardings, or newspaper ads when they hear the word ‘marketing’.

Though these marketing mediums guarantee good results, it also requires large funds. And if you thought these were the only way to demonstrate your products, think again.

With the emergence of the internet and social media, anyone can market their products and reach the right audience with the right strategy. Social media platforms have made the concept of marketing simple and affordable. If you have a start-up and want to take your products to the right audience, but have no funds, here is the solution - Zero Dollar Marketing.

How does Zero-Dollar Marketing work?

The best way to yield optimized results through a zero-dollar marketing strategy is to align it with your brand values and voice. This strategy works by using social media platforms and making a strategy according to the customer's behavior. You can also watch this amazing video by Dr. Vivek Bindra on 7 Strategies of Zero Dollar Marketing, here:

Seven Steps to Zero-Dollar Marketing

Here are seven simple steps in which you can apply this brilliant low-cost marketing strategy for your business:

1. Take Your Business Online- The foremost important thing that you should do right away is to start planning about taking your business online. This will increase your scope of reaching out to a wider audience.

Taking your business online will help you to stay connected with your customers 24x7 with the lowest operational cost. You can also monitor your buyer's behavior and receive payments easily.

2. Amazing Content- Don’t tell your customers about the product specifications. Tell them about its benefits and how it will bring value into their life. Research well about your customer’s interests, problems, and requirements and then produce content that will benefit the entire community.

Your content will be shared widely in your niche because you have provided a solution to a problem that was not addressed before. Share your experiences in your niche, your experiments and struggle, and everything that you think will resonate with your customers.

There are many business coaching programs for crafting interesting and well-researched articles.

3. Create Viral Content- Content marketing is no longer a number game. Try to create content that is trending. Write content that is simple to understand and informative for your consumers. Try to engage with your consumers on your business profile.

4. Landing page- A landing page is the landmark for your business profile, so create a page with a catchy, short, and crisp headline. Make it more appealing by using premium-quality images.

5. SEO- When it comes to marketing, SEO is the first thing that comes to mind. Though it is a long-term strategy and will not give you results overnight, it is worth a shot! You can do this without spending on someone with expertise if you don’t have the budget.

6. Increase your Marketing ROI- Use free marketing tools like Convertkit, SEM rush, Canva, and Google analytics tools to analyze and improve your ROI. Create a landing page, Instapage, and email automation to increase your marketing efficiency. Once you have collected the customer data, you can also start doing email funnel marketing to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Use creative subject lines and their names to personalize them.

7. Experiment more with low-cost Marketing Ideas- Bringing innovation to the existing marketing ideas will help you to discover tactics that stick to your budget and give great results. To understand marketing in a better way, you can take business coaching programs. Focus on the target market, tech innovation, and strategic partnerships, and pay attention to retention.

Your marketing strategy does not require large funds. Today, all the big companies are using this strategy to connect with the right customer. Use testimonials to attract new customers and client appreciation programs to retain the existing ones. The right marketing strategy can give desired results.

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