Content is King: Master the Art of Blogging to get more Customers
Getting customers to come to your blog and fall in love with your product requires time and effort but it is not an impossible task. Blogging for business is the new-age sensation that can help you get customers without much cost. This step-by-step guide will help you connect with consumers through blogging.1. Don’t make the Blog a Sales Pitch
  • The objective of your blog is to generate business leads and project a profile that connects with the consumer
  • Advantages of blogging are that you can reach out to millions of people which is not possible using the conventional means of marketing
  • Do not use your blog to make sales, if you use the blog only for sales messages you will struggle to find readers
  • If you want people to come to your blog, make them understand what is in it for them. Become a mentor, give advice to your target consumers, build trust and help them achieve their goals
2. Develop Content that can become Viral
  • You need to create content that can be shared, is interesting and engaging so that traffic can be increased.
  • When blogging for business and creating viral content, make sure you start your blog with a catchy headline. 8/10 people click on the link that has an attractive headline
  • Get the length of your blog right- The blog should not be very small or too long- a 700-1000 word blog post can lead to a better conversion rate with more opportunities for SEO
  • Need an Out-of-the-box idea- Your idea needs to be new & innovative based on what the audience wants. This will help in making your content evergreen and likable
  • Short emotional videos or beautiful images can become hugely viral if it makes the viewer curious
3. Focus on the Opening and the Conclusion of the blog
  • After clicking on the headline when a viewer comes to your blog, the opening should hook him enough to go through the entire post
  • The opening paragraph should spell it out to the customer that the tips or steps in the remaining blog are going to change his life and will be beneficial for him
  • Close the blog on an inspirational note. Make sure your reader not only reads your advice but also encourage him/her to follow it so that the reader revisits the blog
4. Blog as often as possible
 The advantages of blogging and that to frequent blogging are that more traffic will get generated. But make sure the quality and originality of the blog is not compromised. 5. Include Call-to-Actions
Make it a point to include some kind of Call-to-Action in your post otherwise it is going to be a waste if you are looking to generate customers through this activity

6. SEO Optimization

  • Google is the undisputed king of generating organic traffic. One big advantage of blogging is that if you conform to the guidelines of Google you will get guaranteed traffic
  • Do your keyword research and create content that is SEO-friendly
7. Use Google Analytics
Sometimes you wonder why a particular post gets less traffic or why a specific offer’s conversions are low. When you are blogging for business, use Google analytics especially the behavior flow section to see how people react from one page to another.8 Create an E-mail Follow up
  • E-mail allows you to build a connect with the reader and forces him to come back to your blog or keep in touch
  • When you send an e-mail once a week to the reader, you’re compelling them to visit you again and engage with you
  • Once readers understand the benefit of signing up, this will create an opportunity for you to sell
Blogging for business is not easy. You need to develop good content skills and understand the minds of the reader and potential clients. Once you know what the customer is struggling with, your blog post will hit a bull’s eye!