Email Marketing is dead! Well, yes, that is what you will hear many online marketers say. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Find out why this age-old marketing technique is still your best bet when it comes to creating brand awareness and increase customer engagement?

Email writing is both a science and an art. It is a potential medium to generate unbelievable levels of engagement and interaction within a customer base. Every time you hit the ‘send’ button, you send precious capital- time.

Time is a valuable resource, and you can waste people`s time if your communication is personal, professional, or promotional at not worthwhile. Send a few unhelpful and dull emails, and you could lose the person forever. If you are a marketer, who is struggling to establish the brand in the market, you must have to experience that.

So what does it take to write an impactful email that will attract more customers and boost your sales? How do popular brands still leveraging traditional email marketing? How do successful brands craft better emails to improve their customer engagement?

Here are five simple yet effective ways that will help you to craft killer email copy to boost customer engagement and take digital marketing to a whole new level:

  1. Avoid Overselling

Direct, on-point, and respectful- these three ingredients can guarantee the recipe for a successful email marketing campaign. Emails today from various companies and businesses promoting services and products are overloaded with unnecessary details. They have a strong sales pitch and even stronger call-to-action. This could be a putt-off factor for many consumers who are already bombarded with sales offers.

Keep your emails direct, on-point with a hint of professional as well as a personal touch, and your goals will be closer than you could anticipate.

  1. Build Connection with Personal Touch

When we reach out to contacts for business purposes, introductory pleasantries come across as insincere. This is why try to stay in touch with your clients by messaging them occasionally. For instance, if you are looking to collaborate with somebody, send a note two to three weeks before your pitch, complimenting that particular client on his recent accomplishment on LinkedIn. It will send out a personal message with a professional note, and things might turn out in your favor.

  1. Be Concise, Crisp & Short

This might sound simple, but keeping your emails short, crisp and to the point can do you and your audience a huge favor. To make your email most effective and impactful, limit them to three to five sentences. You can also format them in bullet points for more information.

People`s time is valuable and everyone is following a hectic schedule. This will give a clear idea to the recipients of your email. And you are more likely to get a response if you respect everyone`s time. Email marketing is all about making your emails easy and fast to read. Do not forget to add a friendly salutation too!

  1. Focus on the Email Preview Text

The subject line and content are imperative! However, there is one more factor that can make your email from good to great Email Preview Text.

Email preview list is a 40-100 characters string of text that appears in nearly every email client. Utilize this text as it can support your subject line and can increase email open rates.

  1. Make your First Sentence the most Powerful

Readers decide within the first ten seconds if they are going to open your email or not. So make your first sentence your best sentence. Be specific, stay considerate, and offer something that your readers truly care about. Make full use of emoticons to make your emails fun and effective.

Email Marketing is still a wonderful strategy to increase customer engagement. If implemented perfectly, it can yield unexpected results. However, one has to implement all the points that are mentioned above in our article.

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