How Digital Content Marketing can Increase your Revenue

Content Marketing for business is a thought out strategy that helps you to build relationships, engage, and communicate with the customer. No longer are the audiences interested in direct paid advertising. In fact, data shows that approximately 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads online. Content Marketing helps in brand recall and achieves your business objective through powerful content generation. Here are some strategies that talk about the importance of content marketing to boost your business.

1. Better Return on Less Spending

  • There is a lot of cost difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound or traditional modes of advertising cost much more than inbound or content marketing tactics
  • For smaller businesses it makes a lot of sense to explore this as they don’t have big marketing budgets
  • Marketing in the form of e-mails, blogs, social media, viral campaigns can help you get great return on your investment

2. Improves Brand Reputation

  • The customer is no longer interested in advertising & marketing which aims at direct selling, they want their brands to engage with them and give them content that they like and can share
  • With digital and social media gaining precedence, it is vital for businesses to build trust so that more leads are generated and can be converted into buyers
  • Devise content that immediately builds an emotional connect. There are times when social media influencers also share your content and it can become viral in no time leading to new customers

3. Localize Content for Better Conversions

  • When your content is interesting and shareable, automatically it leads to newer business prospects and engagement with a larger set of audience
  • For e.g. Pepe Jeans took the route of content marketing for their business. They increased the frequency of their social media posts and also localized the content according to specific geographies. The brand saw a boost of 48% in its engagement on social media taking the followers to 2 million. This sort of growth is not possible with a paid advertising approach

4. Boosting your Organic SEO 

  • Search Engine Optimization is a tool that helps you increase your visibility online. When you apply relevant content marketing strategies, it helps improve your SEO techniques as well
  • The more content you have on your website or blogs, the more pages the search engine will be able to show to the users increasing traffic on your web page
  • Search engines also smartly can differentiate between content that is valuable and content that has been posted only for the sake of putting in the keywords. Implementation of content marketing can also lead to consumers spending more time on your portal or pages

5. Content Marketing can help achieve Business Growth

  • If your content is good and is liked by the audience, you can consistently generate leads for your business
  • Make sure the content is posted regularly, is reliable and is fed into the system at every stage of the buying cycle

The importance of Content Marketing is now being realized by both small and large businesses. They are using different formats to create value through content for the customers. Content marketing for business is also cost-effective, generates traffic and builds an image that can help your business grow.