How to keep Networking with social distancing! 
If you are one of those outgoing types who loved to network and grow their professional web face to face, don’t lose heart! Even though physical networking has been halted because of the Coronavirus outbreak, there are many ways and means to still get going.  Be proactive in finding ways to build an online network with the help of emails, social media, webinars, and online group chats. This way you will stay on top of mind and explore new information.Leverage the power of technology and you will find that in-person meetings are not required to develop and build relationships. Although we’re all practicing social distancing because of the Corona outbreak, here’s how you can maintain and grow your network while in quarantine.Remember networking remotely is not difficult at all. You can still have your connections at a safe distance.     Start by updating your LinkedIn profile:-
  1. Suppose you have not taken time out to make the most of LinkedIn, this is the best opportunity to update your profile and connect with people. 
  2. You can always ask your connections for recommendations.
  3. Stay connected to people who are from your industry.
  4. Join new groups you are interested in. Many groups and communities offer a high degree of interaction with forums, podcasts, training, offline events, etc. Take an active part in these communities; don't just go to the sites.
  5. Work on your existing networks. Share unique content and posts that interest them. Start a conversation with your existing network and tell them about your work.
  6. If you are a business owner then connect with your clients to share updates and ask how you can support them even if they are not in a position to engage your services.
  7. You can stay connected with varied professionals and can get informed about the new stuff happening around the world.
  8. Smartly share your company, services or product details on LinkedIn. The point is to be as visible as you can.
Use Facebook and Twitter for professional networking
  1. Participate in Facebook and Twitter groups to grow your professional network.
  2. Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect, discuss, and network with each other with a common interest and topic.
  3. Start making videos to promote your business and build your brand. Make sure your video must be trendy and should have unique content.
  4. Post relevant updates, product knowledge and awareness about the service/product.
  5. Start doing surveys to know your target audience and their interest.
  6. Advertise on your platform; banners, sponsored posts, stories, go live with your service/product, brand mentions.
  7. Follow other companies of your interest and get updates.
  8. Focus on the right people. You need to concentrate on people who will be able to make a difference to your business or career.
  9. Find out some time during the day to contact clients/people you haven’t recently kept in touch with.
  10. Ask your clients, how they’re managing? Make sure that it is not a sales call, it is a goodwill call. They will remember it later.
  11. Try to take a daily break from work to send short notes to former colleagues and other contacts and let them know that you are thinking about them. It is friendly gestures like these that will help you keep you in touch with them.

Other ways to communicate online

  1. Blogging and email newsletters can complement your online networking.
  2. Both can also be time-consuming, as to remain current the material must be updated regularly in the minds of your audience.
  3. The Blog offers the audience a platform to get to know you better but it only works when your target audience spends the required amount of time to read it.
  4. It equally applies to online newsletters too.
  5. Fill the gap in between you and your audience and let them know about your products or services, build your brand, alert them about the latest updates & happenings in your company.
  6. Online Networking with a newsletter can help you engage with your target audience and generate support and interest.
Always remember that social media can be a very powerful tool to build Online Networks. It can also raise awareness and branding with regards to your business amongst the community if done properly. Be proactive in finding ways and utilize social media for Online Networking while maintaining social distancing during the outbreak.