Reap the benefits of White Labeling
White labeling solutions
are produced by one company and rebranded and resold to the end consumer. Benefits of white labeling are that it helps to expand your network and the reseller need not bother about the cost of building his own product, instead focus on increasing his sales for the product.Sometimes for a small business, building the customized solution from scratch can lead to failure, hence to avoid this pitfall simply opt for a white labeling solution rather than building your own. Some of the benefits of opting for white labeling are:1. Saves Money and Time
When you opt for white labeling solutions, you don’t have to go through the entire cycle of building a new product, designing, testing and hiring new talentSince no reinvention of the wheel is supposed to take place, a lot of cost and time is savedThe idea is to repackage the product and give it to the end-user the way he prefers to consume itYou just need to add your brand and identity to it and the product is ready to go to the market2. Faster to reach the market
 As the process is speedy, you have an advantage of reaching the end customer faster than anyone who is perhaps building a product similar to yoursYou don’t miss out on specific resources and expertise which are required to focus on a solution 3. Expansion of Distribution Network
Since in white labeling you are reselling your product, it helps in organic expansion of your distribution network by adding the network of your resellerThis gives an opportunity to small businesses to compete with bigger players in the same field4. Increase of Target Communities
When you are catering to a particular community, let’s say entrepreneurs you think of building products only around and for them. But with the help of white labeling solutions you can increase your reach & customer base.For e.g the benefit of white labeling is that the end consumer can be a digital company, an educational institution or a small community of like-minded individuals, the idea is to increase the customer base and find many more touchpoints for the product5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction
With white label software, you can reach the market faster. This translates into your customer getting the product faster.The consumer enjoys this prompt service and a happy customer will result in faster revenues and a smooth churning of the product6.Alternate Revenue streams
On one hand, e are saving cost by repackaging the same product and not hiring additional resources to build it, white labeling can help us with other revenue streams as wellFor e.g. An Advertising agency doesn’t offer design as a part of its product offerings. But white labeling design, the company can now offer an additional service to its clients leading to extra revenueSince the branding will be of the agency, the client will stick to the company and not look out for competitors

Bada Business as a Case Study on White labeling

  • Bada Business’s model is based on 2 pillars namely: learning and earning. We aim to be recognized as the most trusted source of learning and earning for entrepreneurs, students and women entrepreneurs in India.
  • All of our products are designed with the focus of empowering entrepreneurs learning and enabling them with tools, frameworks, examples and case studies that they can implement in their business and careers.
  • To expand our gamut a little further than just entrepreneurs, we decided to white label our product for the benefit of other communities as well who want to learn the know-how of entrepreneurship
  • This is a solution where Bada Business creates content that is white-labeled by partners. An example is the ’Campus to Business’ course that is being white-labeled by the top educational institutions of the country for their students.
  • Through white labeling, educational institutes will be providing 21st century skills to their students without going through the pain of building a curriculum for it from scratch. In other words, we are providing a plug and play learning management solution to them.
Businesses looking for new means and ways to provide more products or services & clients want to receive a bundled package of different offerings. In such a dynamic market, white labeling is the perfect solution for small businesses rather than building their own product.