• Are you focused on Main Thing or Multiple Thing to achieve success in business?

  • Do you want to know how to achieve success in business by focusing on Main Thing?

  • How to stay focused on your goal?

Some people focus on multiple things at a time, while others focus on only one thing.


When you focus on the main thing, your goal will follow you, but when you focus on multiple things, nothing will follow you.


Below are tips on how to stay focused on your goal?


Don’t Let Multiple Things Distract your Attention

Many people make a list of 10-15 things that they want to do in a day.


They keep bouncing between one to another without accomplishing any of them properly.


They keep reorienting and disorienting from one work to another.


The best way to make your to-do list - divide your day into 2 parts.

8 am to 2 pm- Main Thing (Key Drivers)

2 pm to 8 pm - Multiple things

Between 8 am to 2 pm perform the Main Thing that is your Key Driver and gives 2 pm to 8 pm to Multiple Things.

Multitasking is just a Myth

If you are seeking the ways of how to stay focused on your goal simultaneously being a "multitasker’, then you are running after a myth.

Nowadays, multitasking has become a very fashionable term. From students, working professionals to entrepreneurs, everyone wants to be an expert in many things at a time.

Famous author Steve Uzzell said, ’Multitasking is merely an opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.’

Multitasking makes a person orient and disorients from one work to another repeatedly, which decreases his productivity.

For Example :

?If five horses of a chariot start running towards five different directions, then chariot will turn upside down.But, if they run with full speed in one direction, then a chariot will run faster and smoother.

Chariot is like your life, and horses are your 5 senses.

If your 5 senses will perform 5 different tasks at a time, then your productivity will come down.

But, if they stay focused on one main thing at a time, your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness will be the highest.

Eminent Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto has strongly refuted the theory of multitasking.

Pareto said, ’Your 20% work gives you 80% result, while your 80 % work gives you only 20% result.’

In other words, your 20% focus on one main thing, will give you 80% results. But if you stay focused on multiple things, you will get neither Main nor multiple things.

Extraordinary business comes from minimum busyness.

You should drive one main focus instead of getting derived by 10 different focuses. 

Multi-Activity vs. Multi-Focus

It is not your capability of performing multi activities at one time that determines how well you have mastered the skill of how to stay focused on your goal.

Because there is a fundamental difference between Multi-Activity and Multi-Focus. One can perform multiple activities physically at a time, but their mental focus cannot be on multiple things.

For Example

You can talk on the mobile phone while walking on the road, but you cannot write your exam while watching a movie.

It is also written in Bhagavad Gita:

Ekeha kuru-nandana bahu-sakha hy anantas ca


Ancient Hindu scriptures also confirm that ’The intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched.’ It means Focus on multiple things doesn’t help you attain your goal.

Bouncing between multiple works and shifting the orientation results into 40% of quality loss.

When you shift your mental orientation frequently, your efficiency level goes down and productivity gets reduced.